Calling All Car Collector’s | Luxury Garages To Be Envious of

The Sotheby’s International Realty Luxury Lifestyle Report found that the top desired luxury amenity in the U.S. was a multi-car collector’s garage. 

We can’t say we’re entirely surprised by Sotheby’s finding that the top desired luxury amenity is a car collection.  It’s the ultimate dream for every man in America if they are to ever hit it big.  What man in your life wouldn’t want a personal garage resembling a showroom full of luxury vehicles?  That’s what we thought.

To make men around the world drool with envy, Sotheby’s Luxury Real Estate featured four magnificent U.S. homes that wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate garage to showcase their enviable car collections.

Most impressive?  A heated and air conditioned 10 car garage with a luxurious marble floor that doubles as the ultimate man cave with leather recliners (and scotch we’d imagine).

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