George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin is a collector just like you and me.

Could George R.R. Martin sing a song of ice and fire about his collection of toy knights?

That’s actually a trick question, because he basically already has. Except, you know, without as much death and all that.

Honestly, this is a Celebrity Inventory that almost feels redundant to write, because the Game of Thrones author has basically done it for me already. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a short tour.

George R.R. Martin Toy Knight Collection

Casual fans of Martin’s work may have first gotten a glimpse of his collection via his Twitter account. A tweet from June 6th, 2017 shows off pictures of elaborate miniature displays with the caption “More toy knights hiding in my office.” Needless to say, if you like looking at the best displays of figures here on Gemr, then you’ll love seeing how Martin shows off his knights. Some of the scenes look like they came right out of his books.

While that tweet alone makes George R.R. Martin one of the more prolific celebrity collectors we cover here, that’s only scratching the surface of this guy’s passion. Take one look at the “For Fans” section of and you’ll find… well, just see for yourself.

Yes, that is an entire section of his website where he shows off his collection and writes about the history of his figures. This is the first time in Celebrity Inventory history that I’ve ever said to myself “One of us! One of us!”

Further driving home how much Martin gets collectors, he even has a helpful section of his website where he catalogs vintage comic fanzines that he wrote for during the 1960s. This is in direct response to these magazines “selling on ebay for hundreds of dollars,” to which Martin just wants to lend fellow collectors a hand.

“One suspects a mania verging on masochism, truly…” Martin writes about the ebay auctions, “but as a crazed toy knight collector myself, I understand.”

George R.R. Martin Toy Knight Collection

For hardcore fans of George R.R. Martin, this is probably old news. But for collectors who enjoys HBOs Game of Thrones and has a general appreciate of Martin’s talents, you’ll feel right at home looking at his collection. He even has general thoughts on collecting and helpful resources for other aspiring Toy Knight collectors!

Even for me, this is a collection that resonated deeper than I thought it would. Not to go on too much of a tangent, but as a kid, I used to love collecting Fisher Price Knights. No joke, I’d go weeks without cleaning my room because I didn’t want to mess up the elaborate set up of knights and castles I’d have sprawled all over my floor. I even had a little Rugrats notepad that I would scribble on to track the stories I was telling in my head while playing with these toys.

George R.R. Martin Toy Knight Collection

Since then, I’ve spoken to a lot of nerds, writers, and collectors, and I know a lot of us used to play with toys and tell stories like this as a kid. If you were one of these kids, then I really want to drive home that the quote unquote modern day Tolkien basically does the exact same thing. It’s not like George R.R. Martin needed to validate my childhood, but his energy and enthusiasm brought back precious memories that I’d almost forgotten.

So do me a favor and send Martin some kind words in appreciation for his collection. He may enjoy killing off our favorite characters, but when it comes to collectors, I think we’re in safe company.

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