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The Bleak House is a house of terrors, curated by a master of horror.

If you’ve been marathoning quality horror movies this Halloween season, you’ve probably seen at least one movie by Guillermo del Toro.

With classics like Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy under his belt, del Toro knows how to create unnerving shocks and scares. He’s a director so synonymous with the horror genre that his involvement with the (unfortunately defunct) Silent Hills video game routinely made headlines, despite his credits generally favoring film. You might imagine a guy like del Toro would collect some weird and twisted stuff, and to that we say… well, you’re right. He does in fact have a large collection of horror items.

He actually has an entire house full of them. Scratch that, he has two houses full of them.

Enter Guillermo del Toro’s “Bleak House,” a house literally filled to the brim with exquisite horror collectibles. Taken from the Charles Dickens novel of the same name, del Toro originally created Bleak House to store all the horror collectibles he could no longer fit in his home.

“The collection just kept expanding,” del Toro explained to The Independent. “It took up four rooms in our house, and it started to get very cramped.”

“So, around 2006, I bought the first of the two houses that are now Bleak House. It took me four years to organise.”

Bleak House Figures

Del Toro originally dubbed the house his “man cave,” but in recent years it has taken on a life of its own. After needing to buy yet another “Bleak House” to fit all of the items he owns, del Toro has come to own over 10,000 unique collectibles. These include books, mannequins, fine art, and more. He even has props from his own movies on display, though he also collects props from other horror movies as well.

Truthfully speaking, Bleak House is more than just a novelty for del Toro. Even though his family has mixed feelings regarding the estate, del Toro himself works in the house to fuel his creativity. With 13 different libraries encompassing a myriad of themes (like folklore and mythology), there’s a ton of visual stimuli to ignite the imagination. The house even has a hidden room behind a bookshelf!

Bleak House Painting

Having said that, the Bleak House(es) have perhaps been less inspiring to del Toro for the past couple years. Starting in 2016, del Toro has gone on tour with many of his collectibles as part of the “At Home With Monsters” Exhibit. Featuring over 500 items from the Bleak House, this has been the first opportunity the general public has had to get up close and personal with del Toro’s amazing collection. Though some fans will be disappointed to hear that the tour will be ending in 2018, it is arguably for the best in the long run. After all, according to del Toro, he really wants his stuff back.

“It’s horrible to go home,” Del Toro stated when talking about the absence of his items.

Bleak House Sculptures

We haven’t had much of a chance to talk about the individual items del Toro has in his collection, but… geez, with 10,000 items, where do you even start? Though we’ve profiled amazing celebrity collectors on Celebrity Inventory, Guillermo del Toro has got to take the cake with the sheer scope and passion of his collection. For many of us collectors on Gemr, having our own “Bleak House” is a fanciful pipe dream. Yet to see a celebrity actually own two houses dedicated to their collection… it’s like seeing a fantasy come to life. The best way to experience it is to see it for yourself, because otherwise we’d be here for about a year.

So go ahead, give yourself a quality scare and check out the sheer size and scope of Bleak House. Just watch out for some of del Toro’s monsters on your tour, because who knows how lifelike he’s been able to make them.

Written by TimM
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