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Has Leonardo DiCaprio’s collection departed?

To give you some perspective on what I’ve got to say about Leonardo DiCaprio’s collectibles, let me give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Celebrity Inventory is made.

  1. The Gemr team scours the internet for any leads on what Celebrities like to collect.
  2. We select one celebrity to talk about.
  3. I look into our celebrity of the week to find substantiated information about their collection.
  4. I write Celebrity Inventory based on my findings.

I bring this up because, in looking into Leonardo DiCaprio’s alleged action figure collection, things got a little wacky around step 3.

It’s not like I need to know exactly what’s in a celebrity’s house to write about their inventory. Heck, my call to see Stephen Colbert’s Lord of the Rings collection stands to this day! But the thing is… how do I put this? Let’s just say that hearing about DiCaprio’s collection is like watching Shutter Island for the first time, and researching his collection is like watching Shutter Island for the second time.

Leonardo DiCaprio Award

Without the opportunity to speak with the man himself, I’ll say this much: I’m confident that Leonardo DiCaprio had a pretty sweet collection at one point. Does he still? The internet sure won’t tell you much. Here’s the thing: basically every trace of the guy’s collection has been scrubbed off the internet. While a quick google search will bring up some cursory information about DiCaprio’s collection, most of the links will lead you to dead ends and other broken webpages. I mean, it doesn’t look like there was a lot of info to begin with, but it all being unceremoniously deleted means that most surviving knowledge is unsubstantiated rumors and hearsay.

Fortunately for us, the Wayback Machine is a thing that exists on the internet, and the most significant piece of information about DiCaprio’s DiCollectionio can be found by using this tool. According to a 2006 press release, Morphy Auctions had the opportunity to sell “vintage toys from the collection of Academy Award-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio.” For reference, this is an entire decade before DiCaprio could stop calling himself a mere “Academy Award-nominated actor.” The contents of this auction is pretty staggering, so let’s bust out the old bullet list to fully appreciate the enormity of it:

  • Over 150 Star Wars figures, including the legendary Vinyl Cape Jawa.
  • Over 200 Superhero figures, featuring a “complete set of Mego Superhero figures.”
  • “Approximately 200 robots and space toys.”

The proceeds of the auction went directly towards environmental protection organizations, though we’re unable to say which organizations in particular got the cash. This part of the auction was handled by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is still active to this day.

Vinyl Cape Jawa


In other words, as far as we can see, the world learned about DiCaprio’s collection at the moment he was looking to get rid of it. Though a $9000 boxed He-Man figure allegedly owned by the star showed up on eBay years later, the Vinyl Cape Jawa is definitely the gem of the lot. For those of you unfamiliar with the lore of Star Wars figures, the Vinyl Cape Jawa was a discontinued toy that can fetch upwards to $18,000! The fact that DiCaprio was also selling 300 other toys of possibly equal quality is absolutely mind blowing, and we can only imagine that the environmental sciences got a lot of funding that day to say the least.

Yet… even with all that said, we still can’t find any traces of DiCaprio himself talking about his collection. Heck, if you really wanted to be cynical, you could say DiCaprio just put his name on this auction just to raise more awareness for a cause he cares about. But before you put on your tinfoil hats, let me just reiterate that there was a Vinyl Cape Jawa at this auction, and only someone with insane amounts of wealth could own something like that.

Leonardo DiCaprio Meme

And that about wraps up today’s Celebrity Inventory. Did DiCaprio ever openly talk about his figure collection? Has he started collecting again since 2006? Your guess is as good as ours! If anyone has any substantial information about Leonardo DiCaprio or the toys he owned, we’d love to hear about it. All we know is that this is one collection that deserves to be remembered, even if DiCaprio already got the one figure he properly deserved 10 years after his massive auction.

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