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Who can uncover the secret of the Megan Fox?

When Megan Fox isn’t turning heads with lingerie selfies on Instagram, she’s capturing our imagination for an entirely different reason. That is to say, Megan Fox might actually be a bit of a nerd.

Well, okay, let’s rephrase that: Megan Fox loves to hint about her nerdom. In fact, even when she’s explicitly expressing the things she geeks out over, it’s paradoxically still low-key somehow. For example, check out how she expressed her love of Lord of the Rings during a press conference for the 2010 film Jonah Hex:

“I’m a Lord of the Rings fan. I’ll go on the forums, fans complain that Frodo is eating the Lembas bread outside of Mordor instead of at the Mines of Moria. And they get really mad. You cannot focus completely on pleasing them because you’ll never win.”

Now, I’m gonna level with all of you. While it’s 100% endearing, I cannot actually wrap my head around this quote. Usually when a fan finally gets to gush about something they love, they usually talk about the characters, the world, what it meant to them, how it inspired them, and all that good stuff. So here comes Megan Fox’s moment, and the first thing she talks about is fans on a message board complaining about where Frodo ate bread. I normally hate to use questions as punchlines, but… what!?

It’s the type of statement that’s so esoteric and off-the-wall that you know she must be a fan. Yet it simultaneously tells us precious little about how much she really loves Lord of the Rings. Fortunately, thanks to the power of the Hollywood rumor mill, we do have another small morsel of Fox’s Lord of the Rings love. During a 2009 Oscars party, Fox evidently blew off stars like Gerard Butler and Robert Pattinson to catch up with Andy Serkis, the actor who famously brought Gollum to life in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies. According to the source of this story, “She introduced herself and told Andy how much she loved the Lord Of The Rings films and had read all the books and The Hobbit when she was 10.”

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Naturally, if this happened exactly as it’s been told here, then it definitely paints a picture that Megan Fox really likes Lord of the Rings. Perhaps if Stephen Colbert gets a chance to interview her, we’ll finally get a chance to see how deep her love goes.

Fox had a similar moment of expressing her admiration of comic books during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. After confessing that she wanted to be a comic book artist as a kid, she name dropped some of her favorite comics as Witchblade and Fathom. She has also specified during interviews that she got into comic books through her sister, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a big part of her childhood. Whether that was an influence to cast her as April O’Neil in the recent live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies is up to interpretation.

Now, for those of you just tuning in to Celebrity Inventory, this is usually a series focused on the things celebrities collect. Sometimes we don’t have a specific idea of how much a celebrity collects, but we usually get a good idea that they at least do after looking at all the facts. So, after analyzing at all the info here, here’s our verdict on what Megan Fox collects:


Of all the celebrity collections we’d love to see, Megan Fox’s could be the most surprising (if it exists at all). She’s been often called a “closet nerd,” but how deep does that closet exactly go? We know she likes Lord of the Rings, we know she likes comic books, but what does her stash of either of these things look like? For all we know, she could have a massive collection of video games, because there’s evidence for that too. It’s just hard to say for someone who’s just been so utterly enigmatic on the subject.

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Having said that, even if Megan Fox has never collected anything in her life, then that’s perfectly okay too. Oftentimes, we can get cynical and start to disqualify a person’s interest in something just because they don’t fulfill a certain set of criteria. Even if Fox has just a casual appreciation of the things she says she loves, that’s perfectly okay. After all, if she’s reading internet arguments about where Frodo ate bread in the books, then who knows how many upvotes she’s given to nerdy collectibles online that she has seen.

Half the fun of collecting is showing off your swag, but that’s only fun if there’s an audience. I’m not saying that Megan Fox is checking out the cool stuff people are posting on Gemr, but… you know, I think I’ll enjoy assuming that until I hear otherwise.

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