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It’s a question that plagues collectors: Should I bother CGC ‘ing my comics? It’s a question that we get, time and time again, at the megastore, so much so that we’ve decided to write this post in the hopes that you’ll all stop asking us so damn much. So, here’s the easy answer:

Unless you’re going to sell your comic collection, probably not.

“But wait,” you may ask, “isn’t CGC’ing your valuable comics the best thing you can do for them?” Well, yeah, in theory, but it’s also pretty expensive. You’re talking like at least $35 PER book you send in, and oh yeah, you’ve also gotta mail your books to them, which, after shipping and insurance, can rack up that final price tag even more. Plus you’re handing over valuable collectibles to a surly post office worker who will probably toss, step on, or mangle that book (aka “Shaken Comic Syndrome”) before it even gets into a CGC grader’s hands!

Not only that, but once that book is in the CGC case, it’s not coming out anytime soon. CGC books are locked up tighter than Fort Knox and have dust free protective sheets in between the front and back covers. It’s a great – if kinda insane – method of making sure your comic remains in the shape and condition that the graders determined it to be in, but if it’s a comic with sentimental value that you read over and over, CGC’ing it means you’re gonna have to break that case if you want to read it again without tracking down a new copy.

Speaking of graders, the grade your comic will get is based on what the individual grader thinks. There isn’t one guy who looks at everything and determines it. There’s a bunch of different people who look at thousands of books and decide if your copy of X-Men #1 is a 9.8 or an 8.9. Which means that after all that time and money, you could get your comic back and not agree with the grade that it was given.

HOWEVER, if you’re selling an expensive comic in your collection, CGC’ing it isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, it’ll save you a lot of hassle when it comes to determining the condition of a book with your buyer, because you’ll have an official, nice looking case that will have the grade emblazoned right on the top of the book. Unless that person wants to crack open the case and pay to have it regraded, odds are they’ll just agree on the condition and grade, no questions asked.

So there you go, our thoughts on CGC grading. Now leave us alone, we’ve got a shop to run!

Written by Jetpack Comics
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