Kate and Leo won the hearts of fans all over the world as the Titanic sank on the big screen.  Since then people have been obsessed with the sunken ship that’s just dripping in history.  The movie helped put a personal touch on an otherwise terrible tragedy.  While much of Titanic the movie is entirely fictional, the story lines provide a way for viewers to imagine the hundreds of stories and personalities that were lost on that fateful day.  The basis for any great collectible is a great story so it’s no surprise that people have been collecting Titanic memorabilia for years. This year a new item found it’s way to auction a chessboard made from the Titanic. Not from the Titanic, made from the Titanic.

On July 23rd, 2014 a piece of Titanic history was sold to one lucky fan in the form of a classic game.  A wooden chessboard made from recovered pieces of the sunken ship was the top earner in an auction held by Philip Weiss Auctions.  The rare collectible piece fetched an astonishing $16,385.  Prior to exchanging hands, the chessboard had been on display at the Manitoba Museum of the Titanic in Canada where it was admired by many.

The auction also featured a number of highly valuable pieces including 15 unused tickets to the Beatles last American show, a first edition signed and inscribed copy of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, as well as other historical items, militaria, vintage posters, rare books, rock ‘n’ roll and aviation collectibles and more.  If none of these things pique your interest, Philip Weiss auctions will be holding a blockbuster auction at the end of September that will be packed with sports, comics, comic art and animation art that is not to miss.


Written by Gemr
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