Chuck Palahniuk outlines Fight Club comic book sequel: ‘Tyler’s maybe been around for centuries’

It may have been 18 years since we first vowed never to speak about Fight Club and we swear we didn’t slip up (okay, maybe once) but now it’s finally time to start talking – graphically that is.  Fight Club’s author Chuck Palahniuk is at it again with talk of him creating a graphic novel sequel to the pop culture sensation.

The graphic novel would come in the form of “a 10-issue Dark Horse Comics maxiseries illustrated by Cameron Stewart, debuting in May 2015″.  The comic would not pick up where Brad Pitt and Ed Norton left off, but rather would be set ten years later with the main character “married to Marla Singer and father to a nine-year-old son”.  The protagonist remains unnamed as of this point in time but we can be sure that there will be plenty of opportunity to channel your inner alter ego ‘Tyler’. 

Now that you know, remember, under no circumstances should you talk about Fight Club.

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