Crocheted Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Pokemon.

Homemade collectibles in my collection? It’s more likely then you think!

Let’s face it. We’re in the age of mass produced collectibles. Every action figure has about a million copies floating around out there on shelves. This means that our little plastic friends are no longer the money machines they once were. It also means your collection is mirrored in hundreds of homes.

Crocheted Zenomorph from Aliens

Pattern by Krawka

So how do you set yourself apart in an age when everyone can easily get their hands on just about any toy out there? You can run down to Toys-R-Us and grab whatever Pokemon you want off the shelf, or one of five different Doctor Who figures, so what makes your collection special? We love collecting popular items, don’t get us wrong — but there is a certain joy in being able to show off something incredibly cool that no one else has.

High Top Converse painted with the Doctor Who logo and the Tardis in space.

Handpainted by DipintoPesei

The answer, we feel, lies in finding something unique. While it might not become a valuable investment like some of our favorite figures (even though the more collectibles that are made, the less they’re worth), but we think that investing in homemade collectibles is a really awesome way to differentiate your collection.

Pokeball in a small bottle with a tiny tag that reads "I Choose You". Pokemon.

Made by EydavyBottles

There are several really good reasons to go out of your way to find something homemade: you want to have something almost no one else has, you want something that hasn’t been mass produced, and you want something that, for whatever reason, the company in charge hasn’t bothered to make. There are other reasons, of course, but those three are the most compelling to us.

Cross Stitch of a stag and a doe with the Deathly hallows symbol for the A in Always. Harry Potter.

Pattern by Xrestyk

Some of the homemade stuff you can buy for your favorite fandom is simply incredible. We doubt that Harry Potter will ever release a line of stunning cross stitch, or that Game Freak is going to release crocheted forms of your favorite Pokemon. If those things sound cool to you (because they are), then you understand the value a homemade collectible could add to your collection. Every obsessed Star Wars fan will have a poster up of their favorite movie, but how many will be able to put their feet up on a Millennium Falcon coffee table?

Millennium Falcon Table. Star Wars.

Coffee table made by MultiVerseFurniture

There is an unexplored world of homemade collectibles out there just waiting for you to explore it. You don’t have to make collectibles yourself — sometimes it’s enough to know whoever made these amazing pieces loves the fandom as much as you do. Maybe it’s time we look beyond the big toy producers for something a little different — and hey, if you want to really impress your friends, pick up a pattern and try making something yourself! It’s time we support creators who love their fandoms as much as you do, and who knows? Maybe one day these one of a kind items will be worth more than you can imagine.

Written by Gemr
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