This is a transcript of Collection Complete Episode 2, lovingly written out so you can enjoy it with your eyes, and not your ears.

Mike Mendez sits in a room filled with his collection. Row upon row of shelves line the walls behind him, covered in collectibles. “My name is Mike Mendez, and I have been collecting my entire life. I collect, what I would put it as, action figures and toys from movies — mainly horror movies.” His shelves are full of action figures, many from horror movies, but also superheroes and action heroes. “What got me into it was just, I think you know, like anybody I love toys and I just never outgrew it — at any point in my life. It never seemed to lose its appeal or joy. So, I don’t know why I’m emotionally stunted, but I am — and I’m cool with that.”

He drops into a comical voice as he moves his Halloween action figure, “I’m Mike Myers, and I’m gonna stab you, a doob a doob a doo.

“I think the early movies that I got to watch — ones my parents let me see — and the toys that I collected really kind of, you know, in some ways gave me a career. It put me on a path of loving horror.

“I wish people would make toys from my movies! That would be awesome. Certainly nothing on a mass scale, but people have made model kits, so there are a few Gravedancers model kits, and certainly fanart.” The model kit is detailed and perfectly portrays the titular monster sitting up in bed.

“And actually, another popular one was my segment of Tales of Halloween — there’s been a couple custom little aliens from that, and there have been pins. I have a pin! I mean, I can’t imagine like, to have like a whole line of toys from your movie. That would be — I don’t think I’d ever leave the house again.” Looking at his collection, and hearing the excitement in his voice, we believe him.

“As a kid I recall, and I think it’s part of the reason I get so excited about toys now, is that you know, there was a whole bunch of things that I wished I had — like in like third grade or fourth grade, I wanted a Jason doll so, so badly — like that would be the coolest thing in the world.

“Now I have about 40. So, like I was saying, there were certain toys when I was a kid that I would have dreamed to have, and this is one of them. This is an 18-inch Michael Myers from NECA — it’s just awesome and makes sounds.” He holds the action figure reverently and shows off the iconic knife it holds.

“I’m dying to have a perfect 12-inch Michael Myers. There’s this amazing dude on Instagram Ones Custom Figures that makes custom original Michael Myers or Halloween 2 Michael Myers, but in the meantime, I am happy this exists — it is a really cool piece.” The Ones Custom Figures are incredibly detailed and look like they just stepped out of a movie. Now that we know they exist– we want one too!

“My understanding is that toy collecting and statues and all that kind of stuff, it has never been more popular because now it’s kind of a global thing. There are more companies doing more high-end things. There are more limited editions, so there’s just more stuff to get.” His collection spans so many shelves, we’re amazed at how well organized and meticulously set up it is. But there is always another goal.

“In some ways, you kind of want them to stop because the need never does, you know? And that’s, I think, one of the things that’s most interesting and most concerning about collecting. It’s never enough, no matter what no matter how long you’ve been saving up, no matter how excited you are to get an object, there’s always something else you want — you gotta keep going down that rabbit hole, and it never ends.”

Written by Gemr
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