We’ve got a major, major, seriously prolific collector for you on this week’s edition of Collector Spotlight! We’d love for you to get to know the collector behind the awesome name and the famous curator behind many clubs. Please give a great big warm hello and a follow (if you haven’t already) to 1000thGhost! With well over 10,500 items and counting on Gemr, 1000thGhost has quite the incredible collection. You won’t believe it until you see it for yourself! Check him out here.

How does a mega collection like 1000thGhost’s get started? Well, pretty modestly, actually! You see, back in 1978 when Star Wars came out with toys, a young Ghost received a few Star Wars action figures. He moved a lot as a kid and was only allowed a few toys to take with him on each move. Guess what he took?! His Star Wars figures, of course! Later, he started collecting Transformers Generation 1 and lines like He-Man and Ghostbusters. Ghost’s collection really started to grow when he began working at TRU and Kay Bee Toys (remember them?) in his 20’s. We can’t think of a better place for a fledgling collector to work than a toy store! Luckily, eBay was invented and 1000thGhost was able to fill in any gaps in his collection.

What is the common theme that ties his magnificent collection together? He needs to actually like the show or movie the collectible is from! Ghost is also an in-box collector, so packaging is a big draw for him. This intrepid collector even has a display case packed full of Transformers still in their original packaging — and that’s only one example from his large collection! 1000thGhost has wall upon glorious wall of colorful Funko POPs. His POP collection has gotten so large, his main collection has been pushed to the garage for now. If this standout collector didn’t have to sleep, he’d (of course) spend more time posting his vast collection on Gemr!

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Written by Gemr
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