We’ve got a fantastic Collector Spotlight to share with you this week. Adavardes collects top-notch, high-quality collectibles like a Bandai Robot Spirits Sinanju, Kotobukiya Star Wars figures, and SH Figuarts Marvel figures. The only thing more insightful than this Collector’s Spotlight (if we do say so ourselves, hehe) is the thorough review he leaves for each item he posts to Gemr! Questions about build, posing ability, and paint job? He covers it all, along with some totally amazing photographs. Give Adavardes a big hello and follow to see his amazingly curated collection and read his informative reviews!

As a child, Adavardes grew up working in his parent’s antique store. Can you even think of a better place for a collector to be raised? It was there that he gained an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and a passion for a carefully selected collection. Predictably, Adavardes began collecting at a very young age, around six or seven. His collections were always pretty eclectic, but the first things he collected and curated extensively were beer steins. Young Adavardes had sophisticated tastes, what can we say? He would find beer steins pretty inexpensively at garage sales he attended on weekends with this parents. His collection soon grew to include trading cards, action figures, and then later fossils and mineral specimens. Now, he also collects high-quality pop culture memorabilia.

This collector has some pretty strict criteria for adding to his collection. The first criteria is quality. The item must be well made, and the materials have to be sturdy or superior in some way. No skimping! The second important criteria is rarity. The piece must be something that is difficult to find or an exclusive. The third and most important criteria, however, is JOY. Does Adavardes love the item? Does it appeal to his heart? Does he feel joy when interacting with it? If, and only if, the article meets at least one of these three criteria will he even consider adding a piece to his well-appointed display cases.

The defining characteristic of his unique collection is his attention to detail. Seriously, Adavardes has a discerning eye, and he goes to great lengths to ensure the details are prioritized in his displays! If something about a figure isn’t just right, he will usually find a way to have it fixed or fix it himself. This man of many talents is also a figure painter and amateur prop maker! Yep, when necessary, he has crafted items or painted a figure he felt was missing a vital element. Recently, Adavardes made a Wakandan shield for his SH Figuarts Captain Nomad. Yes, way! As most figure collectors know, Captain Nomad doesn’t come with a shield, but it’s definitely an essential part of the character, and Adavardes actually hand made a shield for his figure to complete the missing feature! Still not entirely happy, this perfectionist is making a second version to exactly match the film. Luckily for fellow figure collectors, he’s considering making a mold to sell copies!

What would Adavardes do if he didn’t have to sleep? He’d work more hours at his job to make more spending money to buy even more figures! Heck, if we at Gemr didn’t have to sleep, we’d spend more time bugging him to make custom pieces for our figures! To check out Adavardes’ carefully curated collection, head on over and follow him now.

Look, we know how hard it can be to explain to your friends or family that your room full of incredible action figures aren’t toys. It stinks that a lot of people don’t see the difference, and sometimes even we struggle to put a hard line where one stops and the other begins. However, here at Gemr, we have a lot of experience looking at collectibles. We understand the difference between toys and action figures. And we understand that this difference matters to collectors. We’re here to help you articulate those differences to others. If nothing else, you can link them to this article, and we’ll do our best to make them understand why you get frustrated when they call your collection “toys.”

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