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What do Horror, Harry Potter, and Nick 90s all have in common? Sure, they’re all clubs on Gemr, but more importantly, they are all Adorkable_Milli’s major areas of interest! She has interesting collectibles for days, but you’ll just have to read on to find out what her absolute favorite one is!

Discovering Gemr was a happy accident for Adorkable_Milli! She was serendipitously searching for a Funko Pop online when a link for Gemr just…popped up. After exploring the many clubs and communities on Gemr, she decided it was amazing and just the right place for her. She created an account and wow, are we’re glad she did!

drawn avatar of Adorkable_milli

Many collectors have heard the adage “once you Pop, you can’t stop” and that’s undoubtedly true for Adorkable_Milli. A search for a Funko Pop brought her to Gemr, and a Harry Potter Pop sparked her collecting proclivities! Accio Pops! Adorkable_Milli discovered Funko was about to begin releasing a line of Harry Potter Pops and she just had to have them! As they are wont to do, Funko also started releasing more Pops in her other favorite fandoms and a-collecting she did go! Funko Pops soon led to collecting books, which in turn led to amassing t-shirts and plushies.

A lineup of funko pops and Doctor Who items

Adorkable_Milli has a sharp eye and carefully inspects her collectibles. She makes sure her items aren’t damaged and the paint job is well done. When it comes to completing a series, you better believe she’s about that life! It can be tough. In can be challenging. But it’s a completionist’s fate to collect them all! Funko doesn’t make it easy to complete sets, either! There are so many exclusive and rare Funko Pops that it can be downright impossible to collect a complete line.

A collection of Lord of the Rings books and a collectors trunk of the Harry Potter Series

Not zero, not one, but two collectibles Adorkable_Milli counts as favorites. Firstly, the Harry Potter book set in a commemorative trunk is a hands down fave. She has owned the trunk for over 10 years, AND she has never removed the protective plastic! Harry Potter books are a sentimental favorite because they got her into reading as a youngun. Secondly, but no less important, is her Harley Quinn marionette. Not only is the marionette beautifully crafted, but Adorkable_Milli also has never come across another one!

A Harley Quinn marionette (Adorkable_Milli's prized possession) and Joker and Harley Funko Pops

Though her fandoms span across many genres, Adorkable_Millie has a method of organizing and displaying her amazing collectibles! Much like her neatly organized collections on Gemr, in real life she sorts her merch by theme. All of Adorkable_Milli’s Harry Potter items are grouped together with Fantastic Beasts items. DC has its own dedicated space with Harley Quinn, Joker and Batman all displayed together. And clearly, based on these photos, Adorkable_Milli is an in-packaging collector. Hey, if she ever has to move, they’ll be easy to pack up!

Ah, the elusive collector’s holy grail! Adorkable_MIlli is on the hunt for four items! Send her a message on Gemr if you can help a BCF – Best Collector Friend – out! She’s searching for:

  • Funko Pop! Heroes: Dark Knight Movie Bank Robber The Joker
  • Funko Pop! Clockwork Orange: Masked Alex DeLarge
  • Funko Pop! Harry Potter: Basilisk
  • Funko Pop! Harry Potter: Cornish Pixie, Mandrake & Grindylow (3 Pack)

an image of the four Funko Pop!s listed above.

Hands to yourself, please! Adorkable_Milli LOVES her collection. Even if she needed the money, she could never part with her collection. Who could let such a unique collection go, anyway? Not only is her collection a reflection of her favorite genres and fandoms, but she also has items that are totally cool – like the aforementioned Harley Quinn marionette! We’re totally digging her 90s and Halloween & Horror collections too!

Three images, one of a Genie action figure from Aladdin, A NBFC Sally Snow Globe, and a Freddie Kruger plush toy

Adorkable_Milli is a busy collector, so we asked her what she would do with her extra time if she didn’t have to sleep. She would, in a single word, READ! Not only would she re-read every single Harry Potter book, but she would also delve into each book in the Vampire Chronicles series. Not to mention all the Stephen King books Adorkable_Milli could get her hands on, starting with the Dark Tower series. There is always something new and exciting happening in her collection, so go ahead and hit that follow button!

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