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In 1983, Nintendo introduced the world to the iconic video game plumber brothers. Right here, right now, in the 4D world, we’re spotlighting the taller brother with the legendary leaps. A collector of Amiibo, a fan of Nintendo and a creator of Pokémon amigurumi….he’s AJLuigi1990 – the hero in this edition of Collector Spotlight! Read on to find out why he has the best Amiibo collection in the world… Game Time!

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Nintendo is known for industry-disrupting technology like Game Boy and the Wii console, but it was the introduction of Amiibo in 2014 that sparked AJLuigi1990’s passion for collecting. He was always a mega Nintendo fanatic and the small figurines representing favorite video game characters were the perfect jumping off point. AJLuigi1990 may have started with just Luigi and Sheik Amiibo, but he’s leveled up with over 145 Amiibo currently in his collection!

Amiibo unlock secret video game features – so let’s hope we can unlock a few of AJLuigi1990’s collecting secrets! Level One: Inspect each Amiibo for quality and authenticity. Level Two: Determine if an Amiibo is going to be successful or valuable. Level Three: Search behind every brick and down every pipe – all while dodging Koopa Troopas and Goombas – for every Amiibo. Castle with fireworks: Be satisfied every series has been completed!

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According to IGN.com, 149 Amiibo have been released with 19 MORE slated to be released “in the future.”  If you’re AJLuigi1990, you’re completely prepared to store each video game character figurine in one of eight IKEA cabinets. Every Amiibo AJLuigi1990 has collected is still in its original packaging. Yep, every single one! He prefers to keep his Amiibo in mint condition because otherwise they would lose value — and it just plain looks better!
Our in-packaging collector has a mystery in his display case, and you can even check it out for yourself. The King of Koopas, Bowser, mysteriously has a piece of tape stuck to his face. No one knows how or why it got there. Well, serves Bowser right for always kidnapping Princess Peach!

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AJLugi1990’s favorite Amiibo in his collection is….drumroll…LUIGI! Actually, he has two fave Amiibo and they’re both Luigi! Clearly our BCF (Best Collector Friend) is a huge fan of the tall plumber bro and has been since childhood. Even his Gemr member name, AJLuigi1990, is an homage to the iconic Nintendo character!

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What does the collector with every main Amiibo ever released strive to own? An extremely rare golden Mega Man 11 Amiibo. In 2018, Capcom raffled off just 10 of the golden Mega Man 11 Amiibo. To enter the raffle, entrants simply had to purchase a copy of Mega Man 11….in Japan. However, there’s hope at the end of the warp tunnels! Fingers crossed AJLuigi1990 comes across one in original packaging to add to his collection!

AJLuigi1990 considers his collection of Amiibo to be the best in the world. Not only does he own every single main Amiibo, they’re all minty fresh and in original packaging. Take that, Bowser! According to NintendoSoup, there are exactly 1,089 coins available in the original Super Mario Bros video game. Well, hold onto your overalls, because you’re going to need a whole lot more than that to get your hands on AJLuigi1990’s collection. He has collected for too long and would feel lost without any of his Nintendo collection. 

AJLuigi1990 Crochet

As you peruse AJLuigi1990’s nine collections, you’ll find eight meticulously photographed and labeled collections of Amiibo. Look closely and you will also find a hidden gem of a collection, Pokémon amigurumi. In his spare time, AJLuigi1990 makes toys, including crocheted stuffed Pokémon toys. If our new BCF didn’t have to sleep, he would use his extra time to crochet. Not only is it relaxing, but it’s also therapeutic.

We can’t wait to see AJLuigi1990’s next Amiibo pickup or latest amigurumi creation. In the meantime, you know what to do…Super Smash that follow button!

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