We’re ROARING into this week’s Collector Spotlight! Everyone, we’d like you to meet ALHuggins and his roar-some collection of Godzilla and other kaiju. Into Gunpla? Yeah, he’s got some. Anime figures? Oh yeah, he sure has those too! When he’s not taking great photos showcasing the quality details of his figures, he’s cleverly organizing his collections. Don’t forget to smash that “follow” button so you never miss his latest acquisitions. Read on to find out where else you get more of ALHuggins….

ALHuggins discovered Gemr thanks to YouTuber and Kaiju collector DiegoDoom. DiegoDoom delivers detailed reviews on YouTube of the latest imports including lines like Super Robot Chogokin, Soul of Chogokin, S.H. MonsterArts, S.H. Figuarts and more! If you can’t get enough of his reviews shot in high definition, you’re in luck! DiegoDoom releases TWO new reviews every week.

The collecting monster bit ALHuggins at an early age. He was always into collectibles, but lack of disposable income and short attention span held him back. That is (!) until part-way through college when he began attending more Anime Conventions and picking up that sweet sweet merch. Now he has over 60 items uploaded to Gemr alone!

ALHuggins may not follow a set of guidelines when it comes to amassing his collection, but there are particular attributes he looks for in each figure. He’s partial to articulated figures like Figma, Nendoroid, and NECA merch. ALHuggins puts giant sized effort specifically towards collecting Godzilla merchandise. Back in the day when he was but a youngin’ getting into Godzilla films, detailed and well articulated Godzilla figures simply didn’t exist in the US. Now, the bulk of his roar-some Godzilla collection comes from the vaunted S.H. MonsterArts line. S.H. MonsterArts are renowned for being almost exclusively dedicated to kaiju from the Godzilla franchise, as well as other series.

Some collectors can name their favorite collectible at the drop of a hat. Other collectors only have favorite items. ALHuggins has FIVE separate items he counts as one favorite — they are each exemplary pieces of art. Drum roll please…his favorite items are his S.H. MonsterArts Shin Godzilla series! These figures are favorites because each individual figure is an excellent example of the incredible design work in Shin Godzilla. According to the knowledgeable collector himself, they are the BEST reinterpretation of the Big G in recent years.

Our newest BCF – Best Collector Friend – carefully organizes his figure collection by genre or franchise, depending on how many items belong in each category. Additionally, ALHuggins chronologically organizes his S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla series beginning with the original 1954 Godzilla up to present day’s Godzilla Earth. His collections on Gemr are neatly organized into Godzilla, Miscellaneous Anime Figures, Gunpla, Metal Gear and Miscellaneous. There are many treasures in ALHuggins’ collection to discover for yourself!

You won’t find any boxes in ALHuggins’ display cases! All his figures are displayed out of the box because he believes that a figure is never truly your own if it remains in the packaging. He is a spur of the moment collector and snatches up items at anime convention vendor’s halls. ALHuggins doesn’t collect with a single goal figure in mind, but rather constantly wonders which direction his collection will go to next. We’re excited to see what he adds in the future!

Interested in getting your hands on some high-quality Godzilla and kaiju figures? ALHuggins won’t part with his entire collection BUT he occasionally makes room for newer, more desirable versions by selling some items. ALHuggins unique collection is a reflection of his unique personal tastes. He combines his love for classic and modern sci-fi as well as video games and anime and manga.

ALHuggins doesn’t sleep on scooping up butt-kicking kaiju and Godzilla figures but you will find him snoozing on the daily. When we asked our newest BCF what he would do with his extra time, he replied that he doesn’t feel truly alive unless he’s unconscious for several hours at a time. You know what, ALHuggins? Like recognizes like!

Now that you’ve gotten to know ALHuggins, smash that follow button on Gemr! You can also find this kaiju enthusiast on Tumblr and Twitter. Find him on Tumblr at alhuggins.tumblr.com and hedorahtheblogmonster.tumblr.com and on Twitter at its_alhuggins.

Written by Gemr
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