Welcome to the very first edition of 2019’s Collector Spotlight! The revamped Spotlight now includes even MORE information about the methods behind the madness of all our featured collectors. To jumpstart the year, we’re featuring a Tolkien collector with a broad compilation of very, very cool items! In this edition, AndyBirdUK explains how he first began collecting, describes his Holy Grail item and tells us if he would ever consider selling his collection.

AndyBirdUK first discovered Gemr through our collaboration with TheOneRing.net. Now you, too, can find TheOneRing.net on Gemr by searching for their popular club, TheOneRing.net Tolkien Collectibles. It’s the perfect place for any Tolkien and Middle Earth fan to share their Precious.

AndyBirdUK considers himself one of the world’s natural collectors. He totally gets the thrill of the search, the joy of acquisition and excitement of uncovering something new or unusual. Those that don’t fall into the natural collector’s camp just can’t understand what collecting is all about. Well, AndyBirdUK, you’ve come to the right place! You’re totally right at home with your 238 meticulously cataloged items on Gemr alone. And hey, with over 650 followers, we think he’s onto something!

You may have noticed that while AndyBirdUK collects video games, fantasy books, and board games, his main passion is for ALL things Tolkien. It all began after he read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in the ‘70s. Just like Frodo’s quest to destroy the One Ring, AndyBirdUK set out on a journey to acquire books, calendars, games, and anything Tolkien related. In his early collecting days, there weren’t many avenues to discover Middle Earth related collectibles besides magazines. Which leads us to…

With the advent of the internet (and specifically eBay and online shops), collecting his Precious became a lot easier, and his collection grew. And grew. And grew! After the Peter Jackson movies debuted, there was a massive explosion in Middle Earth-themed items. Just check out AndyBirdUK’s sweet Tolkien Action Figures Collection! He’s got everyone from Treebeard to Gandalf the White and a Gimli and Uruk-Hai Warrior action figure double pack.

We hope you’ve been able to get your hands on some lembas because you’re going to need sustenance while your browse AndyBirdUK’s wide-ranging Tolkien gallery! He collects basically anything Tolkien related that his wallet will allow. He may specialize in single volume books, board games, vinyl recording, and action figures but he’s got a few surprises up his sleeve! Check out his J.R.R. Tolkien calendars from — wait for it — 1979, and another from 1984! He also has a nice selection of Topps Masterpieces sketch cards and Lord of the Rings movie promo goblets from U.S. Burger Kings.

With a collection spanning such a large fandom as Tolkien, it’s only natural that AndyBirdUK has more than one favorite from the many items he’s amassed over the years. Firstly, one of his very favorites is the single volume LOTR book he first read in the ’70s. He also has a fondness for a board game he plays a lot, War of the Ring SPI. AndyBirdUK also has a special affection for two very rare promotional character standups from the Bakshi movie. Lastly, one thing we doubt many people have been able to get their hands on is a shop display of the Lego Fellowship characters! BUT! Most importantly, just this year he was able to collect the most Precious of all — a Toybiz Action Figure Red Box set Arwen and Asfaloth. Not only is Arwen beautiful, but she’s also incredibly rare, and she completes his LOTR Toybiz set, a feat he wasn’t sure he’d ever accomplish! Cheers for completing a set, AndyBirdUK!

From complete books sets to action figures and Hobbit-themed video games, AndyBirdUK has a little bit of everything in his impressive collection! He has spent decades amassing such a diverse and unique collection, and he is NOT, we repeat, NOT considering selling any of his passionately collected items. You’d have better luck getting your hands on Mithril than you would have getting your hands on his unique collection. There may be other collectors who specialize specifically in Tolkien books or calendars but our BCF (Best Collector Friend) has items from across a wide spectrum.

Can you guess what AndyBirdUK would do with his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep? Well, of course, this Tolkien obsessed guy would build a Hobbit hole in his back garden where he could display all of his incredible items. We can’t imagine a better place to show off Tolkien and Middle Earth collectibles than a dedicated Hobbit hole! We love seeing what AndyBirdUK regularly adds to his collection here on Gemr in TheOneRing.net Tolkien Collectibles Club!

Written by Gemr
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