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Collector Spotlight now L.O.A.D.I.N.G… 

No need to switch consoles or platforms – go full recon right here. Level up with collector insights in the alpha release of AngelBoricua’s Collector Spotlight! You’ll experience first-person gameplay during your quest through his well-curated collection. Featuring slick graphics, this ain’t no 8-bit Collector Spotlight.

AngelBoricua was on an errand…no, make that a mission…better yet, our collector extraordinaire was on a quest to find an app to catalog his large video game collection when he uncovered the collector’s paradise that is Gemr. He downloaded the free app and got hooked by our not-so-secret Easter Egg – the amazing community. No evil-doers or villains here. Bye, Bowser!

What do Fallout 4, Halo 5: Guardians, and AngelBoricua’s gaming collection all have in common? All three were released in 2015! AngelBoricua’s origin story begins with a plot twist straight out of Red Dead Redemption. While trying to gauge his sister’s interest in Mega Man for the PS2 as a Christmas gift, he asked her if she had seen them anywhere. Christmas rolled around she bought him the exact two games he had planned to buy for her!

After a good laugh, AngelBoricua told his sister that he had actually lost his PS2 years ago. As the proud new owner of video games only playable on the PlayStation 2, however, he bought a new console. He started picking up PS2 games he had previously missed out on and even discovered new favorites on other platforms too. TL;DR AngelBoricua’s sister is responsible for igniting his passion for collecting video games. 

The Entertainment Software Rating Board, aka ESRB, takes many elements into consideration when assigning a rating, but AngelBoricua only has one very strict guideline for adding to his collection. Items MUST capture his interest! If a series is able to keep his interest, he’ll totally go for it and complete the series. AngelBoricua has over 56 games cataloged on Gemr and he still has more to share with the community. Have we mentioned our gamer BCF – Best Collector Friend – also collects Figures and Statues? Yep! Check out his curated collection only on Gemr!

Many gamers have a personal Hall of Fame when it comes to games, so we asked AngelBoricua to choose one – and only one – favorite. Cue the fireworks soundtrack: his absolute favorite item is the Mega Man X Legacy Collection. Not only is Mega Man an enduring video game character, but he also jumpstarted AngelBoricua’s passion to collect. Besides, if he ever got rid of that game, his sister would be super upset since it was a gift!

AngelBoricua takes as much care to organize his collection as he does to level up. Look at those glorious shelves! Games are alphabetized and conveniently kept with their respective consoles. In the past, he organized games by the color of the case spine. Figures? Now those are special. While they’re not organized in any particular order, they adorn AngelBoricua’s shelves like the treasures that they are. He takes special care so the shelves don’t become overcrowded and strategically places the statues so he doesn’t have to move too many when he needs to select a game to play. 

Our newest BCF is an un-boxer! Nope, that’s not a glitch! All of AngelBoricua’s figures are displayed out of the box. However, he does keep all the boxes in storage in the event he has to move. Video games, now that’s a different story. All Limited Edition games are kept securely in their original packaging. We think we might have just discovered a collector who has the best of both worlds! 

Mega Man’s original mission was to save the Earth from Dr. Wily and his army of robots to achieve everlasting peace, but what is AngelBoricua’s mission? What Holy Grail is he on a quest to add to his collection? An experienced gamer, he’s no n00b. He’s already been there, played that, and therefore does not currently have a Holy Grail. But rest assured, when he does decide he wants something, he will be patiently waiting for the right opportunity to get his hands on it. 

AngelBoricua has only been collecting for a few years, but he has amassed quite the impressive collection. Much like waiting for a Kingdom Hearts release, it will be quite a while before you can get your hands on anything in his collection. AngelBoricua has no plans to sell in the near future. Well, maybe one day he’ll consider selling parts of his collection – but never the whole shebang. 

Curation is the key to what makes AngelBoricua’s collection so unique. It is a reflection of his taste and only contains items that he has grown to appreciate. Originally, AngelBoricua tried to go for a complete catalog for a specific console but then he found himself playing some absolutely rubbish games. Completing a catalog turned into a waste of space and money. AngelBoricua considers his collection simple and humble, and that’s just the way he likes it!

Supposedly, playing video games can have negative effects on sleep quality and quantity. That does remind us to ask, what would AngelBoricua do with his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep? Easy answer, he would kick back and watch good anime or a movie. We can’t wait to see what AngelBoricua shows off next on Gemr!

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