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Hold onto your hats because we’ve got a super busy and eclectic collector! Please meet and give a friendly follow to this week’s Collector Spotlight: Anna-Wa! She knows what she likes and collects a lot of it. Anna-Wa is a huge, and we mean HUGE Bratz doll fan. She has over 150 items in her Gemr Bratz collection! Her giant collections aren’t to be missed!

Remember Betty Spaghetty dolls? Anna-Wa does! As a young Wa, she started her lifelong propensity for collecting with the colorful bendy dolls. When Betty Spaghetty dolls were no longer available, she begged for Bratz dolls for every birthday and Christmas. When she got her OWN job and could buy stuff with her OWN money, she would splurge almost her entire paycheck on One Direction (1D) items she found on the internet. She found quite a few, and by quite a few we mean she has over 200 items in her Gemr One Direction collection alone!

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Anna-Wa looks for one particular thing in all her collectibles. It must have the name of the brand she’s currently obsessed with. As evidenced by her galleries on Gemr, her current obsessions are 1D, Bratz dolls and Starbucks. For Anna-Wa, it honestly doesn’t matter what the item IS, as long as it has one of those names attached to it — which is probably why her collection is so eclectic yet focused at the same time!

What makes her collection so unique? It’s a hard question to answer! It’s not size (because there’s always someone out there with an even more extensive collection that you can’t even imagine — but at the same time, there are also people out there with smaller collections). Her collection is unique because she doesn’t discriminate on what the item is. For example, Anna-Wa has 1D EVERYTHING: journals, a record player, books and even 1D duct tape(?)! Other collectors may have something specific in mind when it comes to what they collect, whether it’s dolls or figures, while her collection is *everything* tied to one brand.

Our enthusiastic collector has another talent — writing! If she didn’t have to sleep, she’d write more. And more. And more! And of course, she would drink lots of coffee — probably from one of the Starbucks cups she’s collected along with one of the Starbucks sleeves she’s amassed. Perhaps even purchased with a 2017 Lady Gaga Limited Edition Starbucks gift card she’s collected. The options are limitless!

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