This week’s edition of Collector’s Spotlight is brought to you by none other than (da da DA) Checkered_Fancy! Head on over, introduce yourself and give them a follow! Checkered_Fancy has a stand out collection featuring a plethora of cool stuff! You’ll find trading cards, Danganronpa, figures and jewelry inspired by many different fandoms. To check out their diverse and well-photographed collections click here!

Checkered_Fancy just likes collecting things, and it all began in elementary school with Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The trading cards were extremely popular and Fancy wanted to fit in with the other kids. As luck would have it, Checkered_Fancy ended up collecting a few first edition cards that are now sitting securely inside plastic containers. In addition to trading cards, Checkered_Fancy also has truly unique pins, buttons, and keychains depicting a wide variety of cool things.

Don’t take our word for it, head over and check for yourself! Fancy keeps a sharp eye out for pieces to fill in their collection. Well, preferably pieces to complete collections, but sometimes fun extras slip in! Checkered_Fancy’s collection is extra special to them because it holds such deep sentimental value. Some pieces are exceptionally precious because they were given to Fancy as a child. What would C_F do if they didn’t have to sleep? Probably work on their comics some more!

Do you enjoy Anime/Manga collectibles as much as Checkered_Fancy? Do you spend your weeks waiting for that new chapter or episode of your favorite series to come out? Do you just wish senpai would notice you? If you haven’t already, join the Anime & Manga Club for anime/manga discussion and to post photos of your collections for the world to see!

It can be a cold, cruel world, so we’ve armed you with the 6 Rules of Anime Collecting! Whether you’re an anime newbie or a seasoned otaku, we’ve got the deets on how to build a stellar collection. After all, there has never been a better time to be an anime collector!

Written by Chelsea Blackstone
Chelsea has been working with Gemr for over two years. She has lots of opinions on action figures and is not so secretly hoarding them. She also collects dragons, monsters, and kaiju in hopes of starting the Ultimate Monster Show-Down. In her free time, Chelsea is an avid gamer and giant nerd.