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It’s a bird….it’s a plane…it’s this week’s Collector Spotlight! You don’t have to subscribe to the Daily Planet to learn all about ChrisandDog’s “super” collection. With over 600 cherished items carefully photographed and cataloged across 21 categories on Gemr, we better get this party started. So, faster than a speeding bullet, we’re off to check out her full collection!

Signed superman medallion

No longer limited to storing collectibles in the Fortress of Solitude, ChrisAndDog uncovered a new, digital, safe haven for her collectibles. You guessed it, we’re totally patting ourselves on the back here — she downloaded Gemr and conveniently solved TWO collecting conundrums. How’s that for a superpower? Not only did ChrisAndDog find a way to track her collection for insurance purposes, but she also discovered a way to catalog what she had already collected. Gemr to the rescue!

ChrisAndDog in front of her pop wall

ChrisAndDog has been a collector for as far back as she can remember. As a young Kryptonian, she collected coins and stamps. Then, the fledgling numismatist’s collection soon grew to include comics, cards and action figures. She admires fellow Collector Spotlight 1000thGhost’s dedication and collection. Like her BCF – Best Collector Friend – ChrisAndDog also has a ton to share on Gemr, all thanks to a lifetime of collecting.

Collection of this ChrisAndDog collects or admires

Superman fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way, and ChrisAndDog is on a never-ending quest to scour thrift stores, flea markets and local auctions for the latest pickup. You name it, and at one time or another she has collected it (or can at least drop some knowledge on it!). Completing a collection was once ChrisAndDog’s kryptonite. Well… “completionism” might still be her kryptonite for some categories. 

The Man of Steel has super strength, super speed, and X-Ray Vision. Whatever. ChrisAndDog has the superpower to get her Funko Pops SIGNED by the artist, actor or voice actor. We’ll take that over leaping tall buildings in a single bound any day! Each Pop she collects and has signed tells a story, and we are here for it. Her TWD Funko Pop #153 was not only signed by actor Scott Wilson, but he also stayed, chatted a bit, and threw in a hug to boot! Sadly, Scott Wilson has passed away, but ChrisAndDog will always have a tangible representation of that sweet memory. Not content to have just Funkos signed, she also enjoys meeting comic book artists. In fact, Mike Zeck was the first comic book artist to autograph an item for ChrisAndDog!  

Signed comics and pops

Move over Jimmy Olsen, Supes has a new pal! ChrisAndDog loves all things Superman and she truly lives her fandom. Don’t take our word for it, seriously, check out her Batman/WonderWoman/Superman themed tattoo! Heck, even her dog sports a Superman shirt. Wait for it….wait for it…ChrisAndDog MET Margot Kidder. Yup! And Kidder signed ChrisAndDog’s Superman tin. Now, normally she wouldn’t have done this, but ChrisAndDog asked Margot to make the autograph out to her personally — BECAUSE IT WAS MARGOT KIDDER. ChrisAndDog was literally in tears that fateful day because Kidder is someone she admired so much.

ChrisAndDog's DC trio tattoo that reads "We can be heroes"

Don’t be a Lex Luthor, keep your collectibles in the box! ChrisAndDog fully believes all collectibles should remain minty fresh in their original packaging. If you want to play with your action figures or touch your Funkos, that’s fine — just buy two! She does admit to purchasing an out of the box item if it is rare or a difficult-to-find piece. Actually, now that we think of it, ChrisAndDog is a lot like Superman. Instead of saving Metropolis, she saves unboxed vintage toys from the trash!

We have fantastic news that should be a Daily Planet headline: ChrisAndDog has achieved her collecting Holy Grail! As if a Margot Kidder weren’t enough, she also as a Secret Wars #8 comic book signed by Stan Lee, Mike Zech, Jim Shoote, and John Beatty. Well! We are so astounded, you don’t have to have superhero strength to knock us over! ChrisAndDog made quite an investment to meet all four men in person and now the signed comic book means the world to her. She will never sell it. Ever.

Issue of Secret Wars signed by Stan Lee

Truth be told, ChrisAndDog will never sell most of her collection. She would have to be in pretty dire straits to part with her hard earned and coveted collection. There is one category you may be able to acquire though, if you ask nicely. Once her Michael Jordan cards are graded, she is considering putting those up for sale. 

As super as ChrisAndDog’s collection is, she doesn’t think it’s unique. Wait…what?? When we peruse her vast collection spanning Cool Stuff To Wear all the way to LEGO Sets and everything in between, we can’t help but be blown away by the uniqueness of it! Her collection is absolutely a reflection of her latest obsessions and long cherished fandoms! Thanks for sharing with the entire Gemr community, ChrisAndDog!

ChrisAndDogs collection display

Does Superman need to sleep? We’re not sure and our sources aren’t giving us a definitive answer, so we asked ChrisAndDog what she would do with her extra time if she didn’t have to sleep. In addition to collecting, she loves going to the movies so you would probably find her watching a film or TV show. Know where else you can find ChrisAndDog? Right here on Gemr — so hit that follow button!

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