This week we are featuring Gemr user Primus from Georgia. Christian Barry (Primus) has a vast collection composed of various items including Transformers, Amiibo, Funko Pops and more. To see his collection, click here.

1. How did you first get into collecting?

imageI got my first Transformer at a random toy aisle grab when I was six and decided to get more when I went back to the store. It just sort of evolved from there. It wasn’t until around 2008/2009 did I truly start collecting, as I was rather interested with both the more realistic robot designs that came with the movie toylines and the sleeker, cartoony look that came with the Animated series. I had started earning money and just had to get whatever looked cool. Through the use of YouTube, I started seeing things that were not available on store shelves or even in my country. I eventually gave in and bought things such as Flash Lio Convoy from Beast Wars II. I also found out about Kamen Rider and Super Sentai through YouTube and how the toys in Japan varied greatly from the Power Rangers versions we receive. “Superior,” I told myself.

2. Where do you usually go to find items to add to your collection?

Target, Amazon, TFSource, AmiAmi… You name it, I probably go there. I find myself using Amazon the most, however. Hard to argue with free two-day shipping.

3. Which item is your absolute favorite?

image (1)I CAN’T DECIDE! [Laughs] I’ve never been one for choosing favorites, though I find I tend to favor both the larger robots and the robots that combine.

4. How much do you think your most valuable item is worth?

image (3)That would probably be my Masterpiece Skywarp, generally $225 and above. Though I only purchased him for $80, I’ve seen it go as high as $999 and still sell, so it’s rather hard to say when the price fluctuates so greatly. As its price is stable, the better bet is Real Action Heroes No.664 Ryuko Matoi Kamui Senketsu Ver. with Initial Production Limited Part: Katatachi Basami Buttagiri Mode, generally priced at around $175-$200 USD.

5. Would you ever consider selling your collection?

No. That being said, I have some things set aside specifically for the hypothetical time when things get rough.

6. Do you go to events where you can meet people who collect?

Yes, I go to fundraisers every few months for a local convention called AgamaCon. I check up on the vendors, buy some things, perhaps make a new friend, and report back to the core con group about any steep price hikes I’ve found. Good times.

7. Do you think your collection will ever be “complete”?

image (4)As long as companies keep making figures, never.

8. Do your friends and co-workers know about your collectibles?

Co-workers? Absolutely not. I like to keep it personal if I can. Close friends see it all and often get messages such as “DUDE LOOK AT THIS AWESOME FIGURE I really want to get it, but I’d also like to eat this week.” [Laughs] We sometimes bring bits of our collections together to see how a large percentage of a toy line looks in unison and I often find myself fixing and improving their figures, be they broken, missing pieces, or just in need of some panel-lining.

9. What is your “holy grail” item?

That I own? Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator. That is one massive combining brute of a ‘bot.
That I have yet to acquire? The combined figure from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger known as “Samurai Ha-oh”… with the optional Kyoryu Origami figure.




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