Collector Spotlight ChristianBlizzard

It’s summer here at Gemr HQ, but there’s a blizzard on the horizon! Batten down your collectibles and brace yourselves for strong winds of inspiration and prolonged periods of awesomeness, because this week we’re taking a deep dive into ChristianBlizzard’s collection to find out the method behind the madness. You’re going to need one heck of a snow shovel to scoop up all of the knowledge we’ll be dropping!

Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

ChristianBlizzard was blown into the Gemr community by the gale force winds created from our partnership with WWE superstars Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) & Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder). It was surely a dark and stormy night when we paired up with @MajorWFPod to provide fans a virtual Detolf and a way to scratch that itch!

As a young blizzard, just a snow squall if you will, ChristianBlizzard began collecting thanks to inspiration from family members. His grandmother would purchase toys from flea markets she thought might become valuable and then gift them during the holidays and for birthdays. Grandmother never unboxed her sweet pickups because she had a feeling they would one day be worth some serious cash. Inevitably, our little snow storm would open his new toys and play with them. In hindsight, the grown Blizzard probably would have stopped himself from opening the 12-inch Michael Jackson vinyl and Mr. T doll from 1983.

It’s often impossible to see through all the swirling snow during a blizzard, but ChristianBlizzard knows exactly what he’s looking for when it comes to collectibles! An item must catch his eye and spark his interest to earn a spot on the Detolf. ChristianBlizzard aims to gather items that will hold or even increase in value over time. As far as details go, the figures and toys must have excellent articulation and ability to pose well. Check out ChristianBlizzard’s WWE Elite & Retro Collection of figs to know exactly what we mean!

A collector’s journey truly never ends! ChristianBlizzard collects so many different types of items, he can never fully complete sets. He collects across many genres and fandoms, as evidenced by his almost 200 items in 18 distinct collections shared on Gemr. Fellow collectors and genre enthusiasts can browse galleries featuring Horror Memorabilia, Music Memorabilia, and Superheroes.

Winter storm warning is in full effect! We’ve asked our newest BCF – Best Collector Friend – to select his favorite item in his collection. Since we play fast and loose with the rules, we let ChristianBlizzard select not one, but TWO favorites. First up, a thwip-ing awesome Mego Spider-Man that jumpstarted his collecting habit. ChristianBlizzard’s other favorite item is a Les Paul Goldtop Classic guitar. And the crowd goes wild for Christian Blizzard and his sick collection!

According to our meteorology reports – kidding – according to the Blizzard man himself, ChristianBlizzard organizes his collectibles by theme, keeping the wrestling memorabilia separate from the Superheroes. Actually, we would pay big bucks to see that Smackdown between Marvel Legends and WWE greats! As is often the case with the weather, it’s all or nothing. ChristianBlizzard either unboxes his loot OR keeps items minty fresh in pristine packaging.

Across the Rocky Mountains, through the Great Plains, and along the New England coast, the Blizzard rages on! Our BCF said something about not having a Holy Grail item because there’s always something new to seek out. We can’t be sure though, because his voice got lost in the howling winds….

Christian Blizzard has no plans to sell his sweet sweet collection for cold hard cash anytime soon. Even bribing Jack Frost to put in a good word for you won’t get you so much as a Slash guitar pick.  Fellow collectors and fans will have to stalk flea markets, auction sites, and the like to add such items as WWE Retrofest Rick Flair and a Leslie Vernon mask to their collection.

ChristianBlizzard’s collection contains a unique storm of wrestling items, superheroes, music, and tabletop games. He hopes people will look at his collection and get that frosty nostalgia feeling that reminds them of toys they once owned. We can’t wait to see what else ChristianBlizzard’s winds of collecting will blow our way!

We’re always curious to know what collectors would do with their extra time if they didn’t have to sleep. Aside from conjuring the latest Nor’Easter, ChristianBlizzard would spend extra hours playing and writing music, and better organizing his collection. And, of course, spend more time on video games. We’re thrilled Gemr has blipped on ChristianBlizzard’s radar and we look forward to future storm warnings from the epic collector!

Written by Gemr
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