What do Fruit Gushers, Reality Bites, JNCO jeans, and this week’s Collector Spotlight all have in common? The ‘90s, baby! Yeah! ChytheKai is a collector of many things from the ‘90s, and she has uploaded them to Gemr for our viewing pleasure. Read on and find out if she would willingly part with any of her collection in exchange for some cold hard cash.

One day, in the not so distant past, ChytheKai stumbled upon Gemr in the land of Bookface. Or is that Facebook? At any rate, it wasn’t on MySpace! We’re thankful she found Gemr and became such an important part of the community. Before she even realized it, ChytheKai had posted over 300 items to Gemr!

As a young Kai in the ’90s, she began collecting across various fandoms, but she had a special place in her heart for all things Pokemon. She also loved everything Nintendo and Sony related. As a grown-up Kai, she has gone on to collect Anime and Manga, Star Wars merch and The Legend of Zelda items. Have we also mentioned that she likes books too? She’s created a little literary corner on Gemr for some of the books she owns!

ChytheKai is what you might call an accidental collector. She doesn’t have to actually go out and look for items — they find her! She quickly snaps up things she finds interesting. In the time it took Mr. Belding to call Zack Morris to the office, she grew herself quite the sweet collection.

Remember how Dylan had to choose between Brenda and Kelly? ChytheKai doesn’t choose favorites among her collection! Well okay, maybe if we ask her pretty please! She can narrow down her favorites to items she still has from when she was a youngster in the ‘90s. Her Pokemon merch is especially near and dear, and she has a ton of it! From Pikachu plushies to a gold Pikachu card with Pokeball collectible from Burger King, she has it! We guess you really can get it your way at the ol’ BK!

Our new BCF – Best Collector Friend – not only knows what she likes, she knows how to display it too! ChytheKai has bookshelves and nooks artfully arranged by theme and size. Look closely now! The largest items are in the back, and the smaller pieces are displayed up front and center. It’s easy to take in everything with a single glance! If the items from a single theme don’t all fit together, they’re spaced out evenly to look nice.

When it comes to packaging, ChytheKai is neither an in-box nor out-of-box collector. For example, she’s keeping the Pokemon children’s toothbrush in the packing, but her Lord of the Rings figures are all joyfully box-free. We ’re reasonably sure CytheKai is going to get a lot of use out of her new Kingdom Hearts bag and wallet from GameStop. Sweet pick up, Chythekai!

In collecting, a Holy Grail item can be as elusive as the smell of Cucumber Mellon wafting down the mall corridor. Ah, that brought back memories of the 90s! Currently, there’s nothing on ChytheKai’s radar as far as a Holy Grail item goes. BUT! If some high-quality Kingdom Hearts figures made their way to her shelves, she wouldn’t be too upset.

You can totes get your hands on ChytheKai’s collection — for a price! Some items, sure, she’d sell them. Other items are too near and dear to heart, and she refuses to part with them. It all goes back to the box or un-box question. The items she has no intention of selling get unboxed and enjoyed.

The perfect mixture of old and new items makes ChytheKai’s collection unique. She has a fantastic mix of items from the gnarly Nineties mixed with newly acquired items. In our humble opinion, we think her collection is unique because it’s all hers! It’s a reflection of everything that brings her joy and attracts her eye!

If she didn’t have to sleep, ChytheKai would spend her spare time catching up on games she hasn’t been able to complete because she’s an extremely busy person. In addition to being a wife and mother, she also works full time. We’re glad ChytheKai has found time to share all her goodies from the 90s and beyond on Gemr!

Written by Gemr
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