We didn’t have to brave a tropical or a sweltering urban jungle to bring you this week’s Collector Spotlight — but we did unmask a non-hostile Best Collector Friend. There’s a new creature in town, and we’re excited to take a deep dive into her collection. Dust off your Combistick, Plasmacaster, and Wristblades, it’s time to find out how Predator enthusiast CityHunterLuv lives her collection. 

CityHunterLuv's predator

CityHunterLuv discovered Gemr by monitoring YouTube transmissions. Although she had been monitoring Earth’s transmissions for centuries, this particular YouTube channel caught her attention because it mentioned Gemr’s Predator Club. She joined her brothers and sisters to share her trophies and eventually rose to the rank of Club Curator.

In the not so distant past, our Yautja stumbled upon a NECA ¼ scale Predator figure…and stalked it with deadly precision. CityHunterLuv scooped up her treasure and ran to the register to claim it as her own. To this day, she still has the receipt from that glorious purchase!

Alien vs. Predator Comic

You won’t need infrared vision to see that the heat signature from CityHunterLuv’s collection shows all Predator merch. While she does collect anything and everything Predator, she has also been known to pick up comic books and action figures too. As a Hunter — errr — Collector, CityHunterLuv must balance what she wants against what is available. Trophies don’t have to be expensive, they just have to be something that genuinely appeals to her. 

A Predator’s goal in life is to hunt dangerous prey for sport. CityHunterLuv’s goal in life is to complete entire series of collectibles. She wasn’t always serious about hunting down all the items in a series, but as she has matured as a collector, completion has become a bigger focus. You won’t find spines and skulls, but you will find over 60 Predator related items she has shared on Gemr!

CityHunterLuv’s Pred collection is in the process of being relocated to its own dedicated trophy room. Until all of her merch is moved to the Predatorium, she’s keeping the monsters safely contained in their boxes. Normally, she prefers to enjoy her figures and frees them from their packaging and displays them by size. Don’t get any ideas about taking her trophies for your own, though — she has no plans to sell anything!

Know what else is going in that Predatorium? Yup – you guessed it. Her Holy Grail! CityHunterLuv has achieved what few collectors have: she has attained her most coveted collectible.  Proudly and lovingly displayed is a Sideshow Collectibles City Hunter Maquette! For a long time, she hunted for this very maquette. Now, she can rest, content to own the maquette with unrivaled quality and attention to detail.

Predator Collection

CityHunterLuv lives her collection. She mixes everyday items with Predator memorabilia and figures for a provocative combination of feminine and extraterrestrial badassery. You’ll find a designer purse with a Predator figure and Predator poster displayed above a vanity . It’s this unusual combination that makes her collection one-of-a-kind. That, and the reality that there are so few female Predator fans out there. People are often surprised to learn she also collects and reads comic books!

CityHunterLuv Predator Collectibles

Do Predators sleep? Do Yautja catch some zzz’s? And do the dreaded hunters nap before terrorizing humans? If CityHunterLuv didn’t need shut-eye, she would constantly add to her collection, reorganize items, and just generally play all day. We can’t wait to see what CityHunterLuv will add to her collection next…or how she’ll display it. In the meantime, we just have one question: want some candy?

Written by Gemr
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