Don’t let the name fool you — CollegeCollector, or as you may have also known him, KidCollector, has quite the advanced collection! With everything from Kaiju to Star Wars, there is tons of interesting merch to check out in his various collections. Not only are we spotlighting CollegeCollector for his contributions to the Gemr community, but in 2018 he also won Gemr’s Super Unimportant Reviews Giveaway. Read on to find out how this eclectic collector organizes all his items!

CollegeCollector has been a member of the Gemr community for almost three years! He discovered Gemr when we teamed up with YouTuber Wrestling With Wregret for a fun giveaway. Wrestling with Wregret is a hilarious take on the worst of pro wrestling’s past. Subscribe to Wrestling with Wregret for reviews, parodies and more (after you download the Gemr App — shameless plug alert!).

A banner made for College collector showing his Kenner AT-AT on a snowy background with the words "Collector Spotlight" and "CollegeCollector" printed on it.

The collecting bug bit CollegeCollector very early on in life. While his peers were getting older and outgrowing toys, he was just getting started. Interestingly, he has Motor City Comic-Con to thank for jumpstarting his collecting proclivities! When he was just 12 years old, CollegeCollector started actively collecting toys after attending the Motor City Comic-Con. The rest, as they say, is collecting history!

Four items side by side. A Kenner Predator, Doctor Doom Bank, Lions Gnome, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Character.

This collector LOVES his toys and he ONLY pursues items that he loves! CollegeCollector doesn’t actively strive to complete a certain collection, but if it somehow happened, he wouldn’t mind! His collections are diverse and range from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Superheroes. The fandoms and genres may be diverse, but they are all tied together by love.

The force is strong with CollegeCollector! Without hesitation, he chose his Kenner Star Wars Power of the Force AT-AT as his favorite collectible. Ever since he saw Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back at the age of 5, CollegeCollector wanted an AT-AT for his very own. Now, after a 12-year quest, he owns this kinetic behemoth of a toy! All that and it’s incredible in battle too!

A picture of he Kenner Power of the Force AT-AT complete with stormtrooper in the cockpit. The side hatch is open revealing the internal workings.

Our newest BCF – Best Collector Friend – organizes his plentiful and diverse collection by only displaying small portions of it at a time due to space limitations. You’ll also find his vast array of collectibles out of their original packaging. CollegeCollector believes toys are meant to be played with, plain and simple!

two images side by side of CollegeCollector's bedroom. They are full of collectibles on every available shelf.

With a collection that stretches across many fandoms, we were eager to discover what CollegeCollector’s Holy Grail collectible might be, and it’s epic! If he could get his hands on a vintage Kenner Star Wars Ewok Village Playset from 1983, he would be one satisfied collector! CollegeCollector has come across this very playset TWICE in his collecting career but sadly, he passed on it both times. Hang in there CollegeCollector — we’re sending you good collecting vibes!

An image of the Ewok village playset from Star Wars Return of the Jedi


Surely with so many items, you’d think he would be willing to part with a few and make a little cash. Well, you’d be wrong. Very wrong! Nothing in CollegeCollector’s collection is up for sale. His broad collection is unique because it’s not limited by one specific toy line or brand. He’s not even driven to obtain specific figures! It’s all love, all the time!

If CollegeCollector didn’t have to sleep, he would use his extra time in a very productive way that is near and dear to our orange Gemr heart. He would search every nook and cranny throughout the world to find amazing toys to add to his collection. We can’t wait to see what CollegeCollector discovers next! Hit that follow button so you don’t miss his next toy!

Written by Gemr
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