Accio Collector Spotlight! This week’s Collector Spotlight is a “riddikulus” Harry Potter collector with well over 400 HP items! In addition to being an avid collector of all things Harry Potter, CShanks825 is also an enthusiastic reader, over the top crafter, video gamer and computer graphics artist. Luckily for us, she posts her graphic art to Gemr too! CShanks825 frequently posts her growing collection to Gemr so give her a follow and never miss her newest find!

When CShanks825 was but a young 825, about 20 years ago, she fell in love with Harry Potter at the tender age of 11. In fact, when 825 started a Harry Potter Club with friends, she was the same age as Harry was when he first entered Hogwarts. The group of friends read all the books and watched the movies together. Even though 825 has blossomed into an adult CShanks825, she still carries the love for Harry Potter with her. After all this time? Always.

Four years ago, CShanks825’s husband gifted her a Harry Potter mug. From there, her collection turned in a hobby. Now she collects the things she was never able to as a child or young adult. Fortunately, her wonderful husband is super supportive! He even goes on quests for items from the Potterverse just for her. Their two children have caught the Harry Potter bug and also have love for the boy who lived. Heck, this Potterhead family even named their cat Dobby! One day, the family hopes to make the ultimate trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

CShanks825 is constantly on the hunt for new additions to her “riddikulus” Harry Potter collection. She has branched into “A Very Potter Christmas” collectibles AND created handmade items for a Harry Potter themed birthday party! Her son’s birthday party came complete with a Sorting Hat cake, floating dementors and a vat of green polyjuice potion! For non handmade items, CShanks825 takes into consideration the year an item was manufactured and the condition of the collectible. Sometimes, it’s the uniqueness of the item that she seeks out. Hmmm, does that make her a Seeker?!

We think you’ll agree her collection of store bought and handmade collectibles is pretty unique! CShanks825’s Harry Potter collection is a family affair they all enjoy doing together. Her kids get just as excited about living the Potter life as their parents – hence the Harry Potter themed birthday.

If our lovely CShanks825 didn’t have to sleep she would, of course, be reading! As prolific with her reading as she is with her collecting, she’s constantly expanding her mind with new books. We can’t wait to see what she adds to her book collection next! If you love Harry Potter – or need a good book recommendation – give CShanks825 a follow and never miss any of the goodness she posts to Gemr!

Written by Gemr
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