Give a big hello and follow to this week’s Collector Spotlight, DarthAmrel! Here’s a collector who knows what he likes and sticks with it! With almost 900 figures added to Gemr, there’s a ton to see. And what if we told you that’s only 30% of his entire collection? He’s constantly adding his collection to Gemr piece by glorious piece, and we can’t wait to see what pops up next!

Collecting started at an early age for young Amrel and you’re not going to believe this (ok, maybe you will), but he still has some pieces from his childhood collecting days! The real collecting began in 1994…or was it 1995? Either way, in the mid-nineties, a prolific collector emerged. The force was strong with this one and he began amassing The Power of the Force Star Wars figures (and maybe just a few X-Men figures, too)! Very quickly, DarthAmrel’s collection exploded like the Death Star and he began collecting tons of figures.

DarthAmrel collects figures of all genres and sizes. Clearly a huge Star Wars fan, he has 3.25-inch all the way to 12-inch scale Star Wars figures. BUT he also collects a wide variety of genres like Spawn, Marvel, DC, Transformers, Halo, WWF, Voltron and more. Whew! DarthAmrel looks for sculpt and paintwork quality in his figures but what’s REALLY important to him is poseability — the more poseable the better!

DarthAmrel enjoys spending time going through his vast collection with his boys. He loves the hunt for more toys even though online ordering makes it almost too easy! His collection is truly unique because it’s a true collection: no selling or scalping here! What would our Star Wars fanatic collector do if he didn’t have to sleep? Probably hunt for more toys! He’d also take photos of his collection and just enjoy spending time in a room with his entire collection.

Are you as obsessed with action figures as DarthAmrel? Well, consider yourself cordially invited to the Action Figures Club! It’s a place for all of the action figures in your collection! From Mego to Toy Biz, from Kotobukiya to the customs your neighbor makes, we want to see them all!

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Written by Gemr
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