This week we’ve got a total freak….a Dragon Ball Z freak, to be exact! May we introduce the one and only DBZFreak61! He clearly loves all things DBZ, but he also has a soft spot for video games and DVDs! With well over 450 items posted to Gemr, he’s got a ton of figures, games, shirts, and posters to show off. Head on over and follow DBZFreak61 to see some really cool stuff!

DBZFreak61 began collecting as a kid. He’ll never, ever forget his very first figure!! His parents took him to Toys R Us (RIP) for being a good kid and he found a Super Saiyan Goku right on top of a bin! It was totally meant to be! Nowadays, DBZFreak has a more discerning eye and looks for overall condition. Also of great importance to him is whether or not an item has any variants…for example, special editions or a limited quantity. If the items look totally awesome, then sometimes it’s just worth the splurge!

DBZFreak has a collection that’s truly all his own. He puts all his memories from being a kid into his collection, and has created a physical reminder of the lessons he has learned and the things that made him the awesome guy he is today. He can even look at certain pieces and think of his Grandma and hunting down those special items with her! DBZFreak’s collections and items really bring him back to the days of his youth spent searching for rare games and figures.

Do you like Bagel Bites and Mountain Dew? Do you enjoy cute puppies and video games? DBZFreak does! If our new bestie didn’t have to sleep, he’d practice the guitar or cuddle up with his puppy while playing video games and munching on the greatest snack to come out of the 90’s! Sounds like a great time to us!

Have you checked out Gemr’s Dragon Ball Z Club lately?! DBZFreak61 is a frequent contributor to this very active club! There are over 9000 Dragon Ball collectibles, ranging from posters to figures and everything in between. If you collect anything Dragon Ball, this is the place for you!

Want to learn even more about DBZFreak’s fandom? Check out one of our hugely popular blogs, How Dragon Ball Punched its Way Into Our Hearts. Cited as one of the most influential manga series ever made, countless anime fans owe at least some small thanks to Dragon Ball. The creators of Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and Fairy Tail have all referenced the martial arts saga as a major influence, and the Dragon Ball Z anime series played a massive role in popularizing anime on a global scale. As we briefly discussed in an article explaining how anime has changed in the past 25 years, TV shows such as Speed Racer and Astro Boy date as far back as the 1960s and were novelties referred to as “Japanimation.” It wasn’t until the international debut of Dragon Ball Z during the 1990s that anime would garner worldwide appeal — which fostered the otaku culture that exists today.

Written by Gemr
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