This week’s Collector Spotlight highlights the curator of our hugely popular Comic Book Club! Please give a warm hello to Dirah! With over 650 comics and art prints on Gemr, there’s always something new to see on his profile. You already know he’s passionate about comics, but did you know he’s a huge fan of art and even commissions custom pieces? Go ahead and take a look! He even has his collections neatly divided into categories for your browsing enjoyment. You’ve probably seen this friendly curator around on Gemr, and now is your chance to “follow” Dirah and get to know him a little bit better!

A young Dirah began collecting around the age of ten. You see, it all began when he and his grandmother had to clean out the house of a distant relative who lived on the outskirts of East Berlin. This relative was a bit…messy…so the 15 bedroom villa was stuffed to the ceilings with all kinds of interesting things. While cleaning, Dirah discovered an entire room stuffed with postage stamps and medals from both WW2 and the following German Democratic Republic time.

Something was triggered in Dirah while he was looking through folders filled with old documents, stamps, and medals. His grandmother had anecdotes or a story for almost every item and he listened thoughtfully. Dirah took the medals and stamps back to Switzerland and started his own collection! After taking a short break from collecting, he began again when a friend found his father’s old comics and Magic the Gathering cards. He fell in love –swoon– with the nostalgic items and their story. He was soon motivated to start his own collection of comics, cards, and art – and we’re happy he’s sharing it all on Gemr!

Clearly, when collecting items, Dirah looks for pieces with a story to tell. They can be small personal things like a good memory associated with an item all the way to a commissioned art piece representing something he’s thought about for some time. Dirah also collects allllll types of comics, purchasing them monthly, BUT the best pieces of his collection are truly those with a story to tell. It is important to him that if a visitor to his apartment asked about a certain piece, he could go on a 15-minute rant about its significance. It’s totally unimportant to this club curator if an item is actually worth something on the market.

Dirah breaks down the limited display space in his apartment into walls or sections dedicated to a franchise or general idea. Then, he tries to create his own sets of items fitting a specific theme (for example, his Darth Vader wall or Metal/All-Star wall). The sets are designed to tell a story for two major reasons: 1) he likes to talk about his collection when friends are over and displaying them by theme sparks a lot of questions and discussion and 2) he finds himself increasingly drawn to original art.

It’s very important to Dirah to have a place to display his original art pieces. Not being able to prominently feature his art would defeat the purpose! He plans ahead to properly display new sets. Recently, he had the idea for a Deadpool/Monty Python Crossover wall. He’s currently sorting through artists and comic book issues that fit that idea. Basically, our creative genius composes sets to tell an interesting story! We can’t wait to see what else Dirah has up his sleeve for us!

Have you checked out the Comic Book Club yet? Not only is Dirah your friendly curator, it’s also the place to discuss comic books, graphics novels, and digital comics. The Comic Book Club covers the entire gamut – from classic comic collections to falling back in love with trade paperbacks, current story arcs as well as those that are just unfolding. Have specific tastes when it comes to comic book universes? We’ve got you covered too! The Marvel Club is dedicated to the shelf-dwelling heroes of Marvel Comics and the DC Club is home to anything and everything DC Entertainment!

Written by Gemr
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