Hold onto your hats because we’ve got one heck of a highlight for this week’s Collector Spotlight! DragonTamerGemini has over 450 items uploaded to Gemr across 21 broad categories with a ton to look at and enjoy. He collects everything from comic books to anime and even has some highly coveted signatures. What clever way did this collector acquire a giant-sized V-Mon? You’ll have to read on to find out!

DragonTamerGemini is a big fan of attending Cons, and it was inevitably fated that he met someone repping Gemr at New York Comic Con! After receiving a small brochure, he downloaded the free Gemr app, and it’s been a beautiful relationship ever since. The Gemr community wouldn’t be the same without DragonTamerGemini’s sick collection and contributions!

Ever since he was but a young Tamer, DragonTamerGemini has been a collector. It may have started with comics but then the compulsion to collect branched out to action figures and cards. As he grew into a more mature DragonTamer, he began to buy whatever caught his eye. He may have been a completionist as teen Tamer, but now he sticks to what he truly enjoys.

For DragonTamerGemini to snatch something up, it has to totally catch his eye. He collects assorted merch of all his favorite characters, and each and every piece he collects tells a story. He’s currently the proud owner of the only giant sized V-mon he has ever seen. True story, he acquired it from eBay as a trade for a Miyazaki book! Check out his entire prized collection of V-mon and discover the story behind each favorite piece!

When it comes to amassing comics, they must have a great story or an awesome cover. DragonTamerGemini’s comic collection is 101 items deep and contains gorgeous covers, graded versions and signed covers. DragonTamerGemini also loves him some cards. He enjoys the artwork and hey, who doesn’t love a good pull? He may not be a completionist when it comes to cards and comics, but he does enjoy getting EXACTLY what he wants.

Asking DragonTamerGemini to pick a favorite item is like asking him to pick his favorite child; each piece he has collected has its own tale to tell. We twisted his arm, and he chose one of his favorite items to highlight, a framed V-mon artwork signed by his favorite voice actors. The shitajiki, or pencil board, itself is not easy to find; DragonTamerGemini hasn’t come across many Digimon ones online. Every time he lays eyes on the signed artwork, he’s reminded of one of the best days of his life. Now that’s a treasure!

Our BCF (Best Collector Friend) organizes his large and varied collection into sections. He has thoughtfully organized collections on Gemr, and it’s so easy to find everything. Just check out his Sketch Covers collection to see what we mean! DragonTamerGemini isn’t taking any chances when it comes to collectibles of his favorite characters! For example, he’ll purchase two Goku items — one for display and the other one to put away for safe keeping. He’s a collector after our own orange heart!

DragonTamerGemini may have sketches by James Silvani and illustrations by Amy Mebberson, but what he would really love to own is a framed Goku cel signed by Masako Nozawa –Goku’s Japanese voice actor. We’re absolutely THRILLED to report that DragonTamerGemini met the famed voice actor in person late last year. He immediately had the cel framed over the holidays and not it’s a proud addition to his already insane collection!

Like what you see in his collection? Look, but don’t touch — because none of it is for sale! Every individual item DragonTamerGemini owns has its own story. Selling even one thing would be like losing a piece of a puzzle! In his own words, “Wouldn’t it look nice if you saw the entire picture?”

DragonTamerGemini’s unique collection is different from everyone else’s because he doesn’t focus on just one thing. He displays every facet of his collection. When he was a young DragonTamer, it annoyed him when someone made up a story exaggerating how they attained an item. When you read DragonTamer’s item descriptions, you’ll find he never embellishes their origin story. He doesn’t have to, they’re already awesome!

If DragonTamerGemini didn’t have to sleep, he’d spend more time catching up on video games. He loves video games…no, wait, he LOVES video games, but he barely has time to play console games. We can’t wait to see what he uploads next to Gemr, including his Holy Grail!

Written by Gemr
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