You’ve seen her fantastic collection of Pokemon plushies, now get to know the collector behind it all! This week’s Collector Spotlight introduces none other than FieryVolcarona! You’ve admired her collection of 345 Pokemon plushies, but have you ever wondered how it all started? You’ll just have to read FieryVolcarona’s Spotlight to find out the how!

We’re always curious how collectors find their way to Gemr. FieryVolcarona found Gemr through YouTuber and fellow collector, Meivu! In her video, Meivu showed off her sweet Pokemon collection and mentioned Gemr as a resource. FieryVolcarona had been searching for a site focused on collecting and was ecstatic to find her new home on Gemr!

A young Volcarona got into Pokemon when she was just six years old. In fact, she played Pokemon Sapphire nonstop on her Game Boy! One fateful day, her parents took her to Target on what was just supposed to be an ordinary trip to the store. That’s when she saw them! Pokemon plushies in the toy aisle caught her eye, and the rest is, as they say, history. Her parents let her pick out two, and she went home with her first ever plushies. She now owns a whopping 345 Pokemon plushies! Charmander and Chikorita were a few of the first plushies FieryVolcarona ever owned, but she continued to collect into her teenage years and just really started collecting seriously in 2018.

The cute factor is very very, and we mean very important to FieryVolcarona as a collector. If it’s cute, well then, there’s a 99% chance she’ll just have to scoop it up! She does try and complete her collection of Pokemon plushies, but it’s tough when there are just so darn many! That’s all part of the fun of collecting Pokemon plushies for her though — trying to catch them all! We think she’s done an awesome job of amassing so many fantastic plushies and we’re hugely impressed!

Any idea what our enthusiastic collector’s favorite item in her collection is? You might have guessed a Volcarona plush, but you might not have guessed that it’s a HANDMADE plush! Volcarona is FieryVolcarona’s favorite bug type, so she simply had to find a wonderfully cute plushie of it. She purchased a handmade Volcarona plushie from Etsy seller LRKCreations. LRKCreations creates incredible handmade Pokemon plushies that are meant for collection purposes only.

With 345 plushies in her ever-growing collection, FieryVolcarona could organize her collection in hundreds of different ways. She’s experimented with organizing by color, but lately, she’s been grouping them by line and when the plushies were released. Her Pokedolls are all arranged together in the same area, and her Ditto collection has its own zone as well. Additionally, FieryVolcarona has individual character collections with Pikachu, Eevee and Flareon sorted into their own groups. Here at Gemr, we’d organize them into a massive pile and just jump on in and snuggle!

Now that we know how our BCF (Best Collector Friend) sorts her fire collection, it’s time to find out if FieryVolcarona is an in-box or out-of-the-box collector. When it comes to plushies, she’s an out-of-the-box collector! Who could keep those soft plushies in packaging? She very carefully removes their paper tags and stores them all in a box so the tags won’t get damaged. She removes the tags for safekeeping AND so she can move the plushies around freely without bending the tags. Amiibos, however…now that’s a different story! Amiibos are a strictly stay in the packaging collection!

You might think with 345 plushies she would have them all but, no! There are a few like Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert Pokedolls that she would still like to add to her collection. Unfortunately, they tend to be expensive. But! FieryVolcarona plans on saving up for the costly plushies and eventually adding them to her collection.

She has come up with one way to save toward her Holy Grail items! FieryVolcarona is selling plushies that she’s not attached to in order to make more money — and room — for additional plushies. Don’t worry! She would never consider selling her entire collection though!

Aside from its sheer size, FieryVolcarona’s collection is unique because she has branched out to include custom plush crafters! FieryVolcarona still loves her some official plushies from the Pokecenter, but she also loves purchasing custom made collectibles. Custom plushies just feel so….personal! This explains her love for her handmade Volcarona!

If FieryVolcarona didn’t have to sleep, she would work late night shifts to earn money towards even more plushies! Muahahaha. Seriously though, she wouldn’t be where she is without the support of her parents. We can’t wait to see what plushies, official and handmade, she adds to her collection next!

Written by Gemr
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