It’s our favorite time of the week! Today we announce the weekly Collector Spotlight, and it’s none other than Geek_635. He loves him some comics, Funko Pops, video games, and movies. All that and everything geeky too! Give Geek_635 a follow and never miss anything he posts again!

You see, it all started way, way back in the year 2014. A younger Geek began collecting plushies. Steadily, his collection blossomed to include Pokemon cards and retro video games. Keep an eye out because every time he picks up a new card, he adds it to his Pokemon card collection on Gemr! Now his collection includes Funko Pops, books and graphic novels. Geek_635 even has the original Mario Bros./Duck Hunt Nintendo cartridge! Are we bringing back some nostalgia because we’re about to lay it on you with his Garbage Pail Kids card collection! Does Dizzy Dave or Sore Sophie bring back cringe-inducing memories for anyone else?

What does our intrepid collector look for in collectible items? Well, there’s two things really! Firstly, Geek_635 looks for one of a kind objects. Secondly, he looks for discontinued items. He’s currently on the hunt for Detective Comics No. 27 featuring none other than Batman! Geek_635 also keeps a wish list going on Gemr with “wanted” items. Pretty clever! Additionally, he has a retro movie collection with titles like Ghostbusters and Gumby in his collection.

Geek_635’s collection is unique because it is all his. No one else has quite the same gathering of comic books and Pokemon cards. He’s created a collector stew unlike anything else out there! The modest collector considers his collection to be similar to other’s but we think differently, and we’re glad he shares it all on Gemr!

This avid collector is undoubtedly a person after our own orange heart! If he didn’t have to sleep, he’d surf Amazon and buy more stuff. We totally get it! We’ve wiled away many late night hours surfing the internet for cool things to buy too! Curious to see what Geek_635 will purchase and post next? Don’t forget to give him a follow!

Written by Gemr
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