Everything is awesome! Grab ahold of this week’s Collector Spotlight and don’t “LEGO”! Gemr member and LEGO enthusiast Haldanite has shown off over 100 complete LEGO builds and a rad Hot Wheels collection, too! That’s not all folks, he also collects baseball cards and coins. Step right up and let’s get to know the creator behind those builds and the collector behind it all. Brace yourselves, we’re also going to drop some sweet LEGO knowledge!

Thanks to a partnership between Gemr and Beyond the Brick, Haldanite discovered this community through YouTuber Boone Builds — aka Boone on Gemr. If you’re into LEGO creations, custom toys, and fan art, head over to Boone Builds and subscribe to his channel..right after you smash that follow button for Haldanite!

For purposes of brevity, levity, and clarity we’ll have a laser-like focus on just Haldanite’s Hot Wheels and LEGO collections. But, because we can’t bear to leave any beloved collectibles behind, you can peruse all 42 of Haldanite’s collections riiiiight HERE.

Collecting in general started when Haldanite was but a young lad. Picture it: Christmas mornings and birthdays celebrated with sweets — and sweet LEGO sets and Hot Wheels. He fell in love with building and his LEGO hobby took off from there. Even though Haldanite was amassing the die-cast toy cars as a youngster, he didn’t seriously begin collecting them in earnest until the mid-90s.

With over 400 BILLION bricks produced by LEGO since 1949, Haldanite could never be a LEGO completionist, but he has certainly completed two series of sets: Aquanauts and the M-Tron series. His requirements for adding specific Hot Wheels cars to his collection have evolved over the years, too. Haldanite originally started collecting just what he liked, but then transitioned to amassing every car in the mainline series…including Walmart and Target exclusives. Driving here, there, and all over tarnation to scoop up every variant proved to be too time-consuming, however, so he switched his focus back to just what attracts his eye. What is our collector friend drawn to when it comes to Hot Wheels? Well, we’ll tell you: Ford Mustangs, muscle cars, Batman, cars from classic TV shows and generally just whatever catches his attention.

Selecting a favorite item can be as painful as stepping on a LEGO, but have to ask the hard questions! Since we’re focusing on just the LEGO and Hot Wheels portions of his collection, we’ll let him choose two. OK, fine, Haldanite can have as many favorites as he wants!

Haldanite’s favorites of favorites among his Hot Wheels collection are three Boss Hoss Mustangs from 1970. Not only are they three of the oldest cars in his collection, but they’re also special limited editions and not so easily found in good condition. Haldanite’s favorite LEGO sets are also a three-way tie. We’re about to drop some knowledge… in the LEGO community, MOC stands for My Own Creation and AFOLs, that is to say, Adult Fans Of LEGOs, construct their own epic builds based on plans not officially distributed by the Danish toy producer.

Now that you have those nuggets of knowledge, let’s hear it for Haldanite’s three LEGO faves: a MOC Batwing, a large MOC Batmobile, and a remodel of the recent Creator Ford Mustang set. He is a huge fan of the vehicles featured in the 1989 Batman movie and the MOC design for the Batwing build came from a fellow member of the LEGO community. Hmmm, we think we have just discovered where Haldanite’s two passions overlap… LEGO vehicle builds!

Yellow, red, blue, green, black, white, and…..the list goes on! LEGO bricks come in 53 different colors, so organizing by color may not be the best option when it comes to categorizing the plastic bits. Haldanite displays his completed builds on shelves, but sadly, there can never be enough shelves. Haldanite’s Hot Wheels collection is SUPER organized in an Access Database. He owns over 2,500 of the die-cast cars so he still has a long way to go as far as documenting each one he owns. Haldanite and his dad made wooden display boxes to show off some of his favorite unopened cars.

Yes! Wait….nope — t’s both yes and no! Haldanite is both an in-packaging collector and unboxer. Clearly, he must unbox his LEGO sets to build and create epic MOCs. The best part of LEGOs is the entire process of creating and building! Hot Wheels? Now that’s a different story. Typically, he’s an in packaging kinda guy.

Does anyone have a 3D CAD file for a really good MOC of K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider? One stipulation: the final MOC must be about the same size as the Creator Mustang that was recently released. Haldanite is on the hunt for his Holy Grail and if you are in possession of the previously described instructions, you would really be helping a BCF – Best Collector Friend!

Get your hands off those bricks and cars! None of it is for sale! Haldanite has plans for his collection and none of them include selling for cold hard cash. He will pass down his sweet collection to his sons later in life. Haldanite’s unique collection is a reflection of his passions, so you’ll just have to “build” your own collection!

Usually, we ask our newest BCFs what they would do with their extra time if they didn’t have to sleep. Turns out, Haldanite only sleeps 4-5 hours a night! He spends his awake hours documenting or sharing info about his collections. Perhaps with additional time, he would work on customizing his Hot Wheels Access Database and helping others to document their own collections. We can’t wait to see what creative builds Haldanite will have for us next! Don’t forget to smash that follow button to check out his latest acquisitions!

Written by Gemr
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