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If, on a dark and stormy night, we were to create a Venn Diagram representing Bat-fans, Metalheads, Gemr Giveaway winners, and Club Curators, you would find, at the very epicenter, ILoveHearses. Not only is he the Metallica Club founder and Curator, two years ago ILoveHearses won Gemr’s “Holy Giveaway, Batman” giveaway. You might even say he needs a hearse to haul around his unique collection….

ILoveHearses amassed an impressive collection of comic books long before he was old enough to drive a vehicle used for transporting coffins. He would travel the old fashioned way –  by foot – to his local 7-Eleven convenience store to score the latest pickups. Now, as a legit licensed driver, he has evolved to collect Batman memorabilia, Horror movies, and Star Wars merch.

If you think ILoveHearses is a collecting completionist, you would be making a “grave mistake.” (See what we did there?) HOWEVER, that being said, our Best Collector Friend wouldn’t mind getting a few of the trading cards missing from this 1989 Topps Batman trading card collection. As long as ILoveHearses likes it — really likes it — and the item is in great to mint condition, he’ll snatch it up and add it to his collection. 

As an unofficial fifth band member, ILoveHearses has a rocking Metallica collection. Filled with box sets, DVDs, VHS cassettes, and magazines featuring the American heavy metal band, it’s all neatly cataloged on Gemr for your perusal.  ILoveHearse’s pride and joy, his Holy Grail, also has a home on Gemr. You wouldn’t expect the Curator of the Metallica Club to have anything less than a CD signed by all members of the band, would you? 

It was a fateful night when ILoveHearses’ Holy Grail came to be. Picture it: the year is 1998. The portable MP3 player reigns supreme, the Eagles are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Fame, and *NSYNC releases “I Want You Back.” The month is November. The day is Tuesday the 24th. Time: midnight. Metallica had just released an album of cover songs titled Garage Inc. ILoveHearses attended a midnight album release/signing at a gas station in Philadelphia, Pensyslvania. That fateful November night,  James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Jason Newsted signed the inside cover of ILoveHearses’ Garage Inc CD booklet. In the immortal words of James Hetfield, “YEAH!”

It’s not every day a collector gets to check off a Holy Grail item from their collecting bucket list. But, as it has often been lamented that there is no remedy for the collecting bug… ILoveHearses has his eye on yet another rare item.  As his name would suggest, ILoveHearses would love to one day own his own hearse. But not just any hearse! He has desired a 50s or 60s era hearse since high school. 

Not only is he a well organized collector on Gemr with 298 carefully described items in 8 thoughtful categories, ILoveHearses is well organized in real life, too. His shelves are lined with CDs and movies arranged alphabetically – making it easy to find a title to binge watch. Books are compiled by author and release date. ILoveHearses has a large library everyone should check out – it’s sure to keep you up all night….

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In addition to collecting all things Metallica, as well as books and movies about things that go bump in the night, ILoveHearses has been known to pick up a Funko or two. Ok, ok, five of those Funkos are Metallica themed, but not once have the vinyl figures left their boxes. Remember the NECA 1/4th scale Adam West as Batman action figure ILoveHearses won in 2017? Yep, still in its original packaging with no plans to free the Bat. 

Metallica sells out every seat in the house, so it should come as no surprise that ILoveHearses will never sell his collection. His sweet sweet memorabilia is designated to be passed down to his son. He may not consider his collection unique, but we’ve never come across another one quite like it: an eclectic mix of media and Metallica. Aside from clearly unique items like his signed Metallica album and Predator tattoo, he also has some low key hidden gems.

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ILoveHearses has scored a number of autographs along his collector’s journey, but one author’s signature actually found him. Picture it: the year was 2011. We kid, we kid – we’ve already used that trope. In all seriousness, ILoveHearses was exploring the book section at a thrift store when he discovered a perfect hardcover edition of Patricia Cornwell’s “The Last Precinct.” When he cracked open the binding, he discovered the title page had been signed by the author herself. 

We could spend hours browsing ILoveHearses’ movie library for the perfect title to watch…with all the lights on…during the day… We know he’d totally be down for a binge-watching session too, because if we granted him the power to never need to sleep, ILoveHearses would use those extra hours to watch horror movies! 

We can’t wait to see what else ILoveHearses will line his shelves with. In the meantime, we’ll be checking out his book gallery for reading recommendations, too. Now, it’s time “Fade to Black”….

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