He might just be a simple man trying to make his way in the galaxy, but to us, he’s this week’s Collector Spotlight! @InvaderMEEN is the curator of the Kentai Collection (KanColle) Club and collector of all things Anime! Head on over and give him a warm “follow” while you check out his awesome anime figures, clear files and much more. He’s got detailed descriptions of all his collectibles so you’ll get the inside scoop, too!

InvaderMEEN has been collecting since he was a little kid. Young MEEN dabbled in a bit of everything and amassed rocks, gemstones, stamps, coins, and currency. Currently, InvaderMEEN is huge, HUGE, into memorabilia from TV-shows, video games, and anime. His love for his collection shows in his highly detailed and thorough descriptions on Gemr! We’ve learned so much just from checking out his collection! Specifically, InvaderMEEN enjoys when the collectible manages to be true to the source material while allowing for functions like transformation, alternate faces, and dynamic poses.

You might be asking yourself what sets InvaderMEEN’s collection apart from other collectors. Well for starters, most of his collection was purchased used. He doesn’t sweat having the original packaging because he enjoys actually playing with and getting hands-on with the items in his collection. By buying items gently used, MEEN can save a ton on costs and grow his collection faster.

What would this avid collector do with his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep? What WOULDN’T he do with a few more hours?! InvaderMEEN would probably spend more time pursuing his creative hobbies like making more videos for his YouTube channels, improving his drawing, or continuing to write his story. If that wasn’t enough, he’s even contemplating taking up model kit assembly and painting.

Are you as into Anime as InvaderMEEN? Now’s your chance to score a Saitama Nendoroid! We want to unite one up-and-coming hero with the most average one around — Saitama! This bored, overpowering hero hasn’t had much luck finding a good fight, but we had great luck finding some epic merchandise! We got our hands on an incredibly powerful, incredibly small, incredibly bald Saitama Nendoroid! But alas, we talked it over and decided we can’t have anything this dangerous in our office — so we want to give him to one of you! You can make your collection a little more average with this hero — but it will be a lot more safe.

Are we about done here? Sign me up!

Looking to start an anime collection? You’ve come to the right place. Between the booming interest in anime throughout the last decade and the continued proliferation of online shopping venues, there has never been a better time to become an anime collector. However, knowing how to find exactly what you want isn’t always easy. Whether you’re an anime newbie or a seasoned otaku, here are six rules to keep in mind when building your collection. 

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