We’ve got a fantastic find for you in this week’s edition of Collector Spotlight. This self-described “not so standard nerd” has over 230 items posted to Gemr alone! InverseSquare is a big fan of comics, graphic novels, tokusatsu, some anime, and science fiction. Trust us on this one, you won’t want to miss any of the many cool and interesting figures and items they post! Give InverseSquare a follow today and check out 13 collections worth of beautifully photographed figures!

A prolific collector today, InverseSquare didn’t even start collecting seriously until their late teens. A big fan of superhero comics and action figures, InverseSquare became interested in Tokusatsu shows after working in Asia for a couple of years. As often happens, one thing leads to another and they started adding Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai to their collection. You’ll find some pretty sweet Transformers in InverseSquare’s collection too — complete with photos in bot mode and alternate mode!

Generally, InverseSquare’s collectibles must be something they’ll enjoy. Often, they’re inspired by the comic books, TV shows and moves they like. Are you a fan of Ghostbusters? Yeah, Inverse’s got that! And we haven’t even mentioned the Voltron and Star Wars action figures! In addition to liking intricate figures like Transformers, they’re also a big big fan of Japanese sofubi (soft vinyl). Interested in seeing a kaiju sofubi for yourself? Look no further than the Eleking Spark Doll InverseSquare has under their Ultra Series collection!

InverseSquare’s collection is fairly eclectic and packed with interesting items they bought while visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. There are so many awesome collectibles, they’re still being cataloged on Gemr! Like many collectors, InverseSquare has their own set of unique likes and dislikes that inform which intriguing items they’re interested in. InverseSquare believes everyone’s collection is unique because each has their own favorites.

If InverseSquare didn’t need to sleep they would probably watch ALL the things and take even more photos of their collection to post on Gemr. And very importantly, InverseSquare would spend more time dedicated to their fantastically informative blog. If you love detailed descriptions of exciting action figures and other fun collectibles, you’ve come to the right place!

Written by Gemr
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