Welcome to the newly expanded Collector Spotlight, where we take a deep dive into the methodology and passion behind really fantastic collectors and their collections! This week we’re highlighting action figure collector JaysToyShelf! You may also recognize him as Curator of the popular Naruto Club. JaysToyShelf collects stunning SH Figuarts and DC Collectibles. His collections are always superbly photographed, and he always includes multiple photos showcasing each figure’s accessories in fun poses. They say seeing is believing, so you’ll just have to take a peek for yourself!

Every collector starts somewhere, and for JaysToyShelf it was the latest version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He owned TMNT figures from the ’80s as a kid and decided to support the new version buy purchasing juuuust a few figures from the new show. Then POW! He’s suddenly hooked on collecting again thanks to nostalgia and recollecting his old toys!

Even a quick browse through JaysToyShelf’s collection will reveal his talent for photography and storytelling as well as a passion for his figures. He specifically looks for action figures with good articulation and quality accessories. We appreciate his eye for detail! He enjoys photography and wants to see his figures in dynamic poses with some nice extra accessories. Seriously, just check out his photo gallery featuring his Arkham City figures! He’s got Batman, Nightwing, Deadshot, and Talia in awesome interactive shots.

JaysToyShelf may enjoy all his figures, but he definitely has a favorite! It was one of the first imports in his collection and his very first SH Figuarts ever. It’s none other than Naruto from the beginning of the Shippuden series! Purchased in Japan as a gift by his significant other, the SH Figuarts action figure opened up a whole new world of high-quality figures with excellent quality articulation. JaysToyShelf never knew fantastically done action figures could be “so darn great!”

Our BCF (Best Collector Friend) organizes his dynamic collection of figures by theme. The 6-7 inch figures are arranged in a gorgeous glass case and show off their signature poses and coveted accessories. There’s even a shelf of misfits that don’t quite fit into the theme of his other figures. JaysToyShelf is absolutely an out of the box collector, BUT he saves some of the boxes for his SH Figuarts. They’re works of art too! He likes to get hands-on with his figures and experience the much-hyped quality articulation for himself. For JaysToyShelf, he’d rather play with his figures and take totally rad photos. And don’t even ask him if he’s selling his collection! He won’t consider selling his impressive collection “in the near eternity!”

This avid collector hasn’t gotten his hands on his holy grail item quite yet. Actually, he’s prepared to wait forever for a reasonably priced DLC version of the Arkham Knight Red Hood! Thanks to “*cough* scalpers *cough*,” he may never find a reasonably priced version of the exclusive figure. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you, JaysToyShelf!

Love. That’s it. That’s precisely what sets his collection apart from others. He hearts his figures and handles and photographs each beloved piece. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t complete lines. It’s all about enjoying each and every individual piece. And we heart you, JaysToyShelf, for sharing your collection on Gemr!

Do you have a hankering for some serious toy reviews? If JaysToyShelf didn’t have to sleep, he’d spend more time updating his extremely informative blog. He would also read and watch all the good anime he’s been missing out on and play more video games. We’re excited to spend more time reading JaysToyShelf’s fantastic reviews and see what he posts next!

Written by Gemr
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