Stop, collaborate, and listen! This week we’ve collaborated with Gemr member Jedwa for a deep dive into the mind of a collector whose not only nostalgic and sentimental but also collects across several genres and fandoms. We’ll give away a spoiler now – he’ll sell his collection – but you’ll have to read on to find out why he considers everyone to be a collector.

Earlier this year, Gemr began collabing with the guys behind the popular podcast @majorwfpod, Matt Cardona (WWE Superstar Zack Ryder) and Brian Myers (WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins). Gemr provides their fans with a virtual Detolf and a way to scratch that figure itch. We’re thrilled to say @majorwfpod introduced Jedwa to the community of collectors that is Gemr.

Jedwa began collecting at an early age – before he even realized he was doing so! It happened gradually, and while he accumulated items over time, he made sure to enjoy the process of collecting. However, for him, it’s not just about amassing items. It’s much more. He is “wired for structuring; cleaning, organizing, mapping out my time – I certainly have OCD traits and I don’t say that lightly to offend anybody.”

Collecting has definitely had a helpful effect on these traits. “It is more than just chasing an item to possess it, it’s about giving that item a place and the right place to be displayed.” For Jedwa, collecting “has become a healthy way to express myself, and knowing that there is a whole community that supports one another out there really lends some comfort to the cause.”

Value, schmalue! Monetary value is not important to this collector! Jedwa looks for the feeling an item evokes. For each item, he considers whether it brings back childhood memories, the level of enjoyment it provides, detailing, and the cool factor. Sometimes, merch is just so silly he can’t resist, like The Grossery Gang figures. Jedwa loves a toy line with a good gimmick!

Famous American composer Frank Zappa was a man of many contradictions so we think it’s only fitting that Jedwa’s favorite item has the most sentimental value, but not monetary value. Purchased by his girlfriend for their first Christmas together, the Frank Zappa Rock N’ Roll Comic from Revolutionary Comics is his hands down favorite item in his collection. This particular comic encapsulates two very important things – the culmination of Jedwa’s love for Rock n’ Roll and comics, and how much his girlfriend cared for and understood him.

Zappa gracing the cover of the comic is just the cherry on top. You see…it wasn’t until Jedwa moved to Los Angeles that he discovered the meaning behind Zappa’s music. The venerated musician brought Jedwa back in touch with his sense of humor and “he also showed me that no matter how goofy something might seem, you should try to observe it to see what the underlying message of it is—sometimes it can be really serious.”

Our newest BCF- Best Collector Friend – is constantly organizing and reorganizing his collection so his office/collection room is ever evolving. Not limited to organizing by size or theme, his collection is sprinkled throughout the room to create a feeling. Personally, Jedwa prefers to see his collectibles nestled in with books as opposed to a floor to ceiling stack. But! He does have a shelf dedicated to figures and statues. In addition to bringing him joy, the scavenger hunt of finding collectibles tucked away in his office brings him inspiration when he’s stuck on a project.

We’ve stopped. We’ve collaborated. Now it’s time to listen: free the figures! Jedwa is an out of the box collector! He does have some items still MOC, but he really does prefer breaking open that packaging. He appreciates the will of in-box collectors but, “I feel you are limiting the potential of the item, especially if it is a figure; it’s made to bend and move and be expressed.”

Jedwa display

Jedwa doesn’t necessarily have one holy grail item, but he won’t turn down a good Hellboy figure! Sure, Dark Horse is releasing a new figure, but real life restrictions like budget and timing preclude him from snapping it up. In his own words, “Hellboy eludes me – he is my Dark Tower – so to speak.”

Jedwa bookshelf and lanterns

Looking to add to your collection? Jedwa is willing to part with his collection and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with cold hard cash. Naturally, there are some items he would never part with, but other items he would happily give away. As so often happens, his best friend is also a collector. Jedwa loves finding different and unique things for his friend’s collection. He also inspired his girlfriend to begin collecting her own Funko Pops! Jedwa is spreading the collecting bug!

Cowabunga, dude! Recently, Jedwa parted with most of his Classic Collection Ninja Turtles. Before you shed a tear and emotionally binge eat pizza, he got a pretty penny for his TMNT figures and used the sale proceeds to purchase the new NECA line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Jedwa’s unique collection consists of figures, statues, comics, signed memorabilia, instruments, books, furniture, etc. in a plethora of genres. When people visit his house, they naturally tend to gravitate to the room where he displays his collection. Jedwa believes everyone is a collector to some extent – whether their collection consists of fond memories or tangible items, people do collect. When visitors to the Jedwa homestead view his collection, they tap into memories and it brings them joy.

Written by Gemr
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