Meow! We’ve got quite the prolific and diverse collector for this week’s deep dive Collector Spotlight! Everyone give a warm hello and follow to Jezpurr! Not only does she have almost 500 items in 82 collections, but she was also the winner of Gemr’s Creepy Cult Classic Giveaway in March 2018! This lucky winner is also super busy curating not one, but TWO Clubs; Art Club and The Symbiotes. With all these amazing collectibles, has Jezpurr attained her Holy Grail? You’ll have to read on to find out!

According to Jezpurr’s bio, “Entertainment is like a piece of pie, and I need a little of everything.” And that she does! A young Purr even started off collecting an assortment of media. It began with bookmarks, then books, cassettes, movies, CD’s and games! Now she has a ton in each category and catalogs them all beautifully on Gemr. Jezpurr has quite the selection of collectibles across a wide variety of genres. You’ll find J-Horror movies, right along next to Doctor Who Legos and Anime wall scrolls.

Our BCF, Best Collector Friend, never wants to be bored and collects items related to subjects she enjoys, or, if she just plain old likes it, she’ll snap it up! Her collection is truly unique because it contains objects she made herself. Seriously, stop what you’re doing and check out her gallery of ceramics she crafted with her own two hands. Jezpurr has even dabbled in sand and glitter art too! She’s a true art fan and created a gallery on Gemr entirely composed of other artists’ work that she admires. We suggest you check it out too — right after you swing by the Art Club!

Clearly, Jezpurr has a wide variety of interests and a passion for many subjects! She also prefers physical media to digital. She looks forward to filling in the gaps in her Manga and book collection. But don’t call her a completionist! While she loves her some video games she doesn’t feel the need to complete their sets! Our dedicated collector would only consider selling her items if they turned out to be worth a lot of money. For example, if he had a rare book that was worth a ton.

Jezpurr is prolific in her collecting but she is also very very very organized! Movies and CD’s? Organized by theme. Books? Alphabetized by author then sorted by genre. Video games? Grouped by type. Everything else? Organized in it’s designated safe place. Jezpurr is not an in-package collector, especially when some things are uber expensive in mint condition. She wants to be able to get all the pieces that come with her figures or hunt them down somehow! Board games missing pieces that are easily replaced after an online search are a-okay in her book. Jezpurr hopes to find all the missing manuals that are supposed to come in the plastic case but she realizes that sometimes, you get what you can!

Every collector has a Holy Grail of some type and Jezpurr has the most unique Holy Grail we’ve ever heard of. Check this out! It’s the ultimate! In her wildest dreams, she would get a picture of an Actor/Artist/Author/Chef/Director/Musician, anyone that inspired her, holding a postcard-sized painting she made. Then, she would have them sign a business card leaving her an inspiring message with their name. Finally, to top it all off, she would frame the artwork, photo and business card as one piece. This amazing work of art would be Jezpurr’s one of a kind Holy Grail. We say it’s brilliant!

If Jezpurr didn’t have to sleep she would play more video games, and read more. Always looking to better herself, she would learn new skills and get better at what she’s already tried. We never know what she’ll post next and we look forward to all her new additions and artwork! Keep posting Jezpurr, we love it!

Written by Gemr
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