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Have you met the Curator of the Green Lantern/Green Arrow/Black Canary Club AND Hanna-Barbera Collectibles Club AND Wonder Woman Club? Sure, based on his Gemr bio you may know his born date is November 24, he hails from Florida and has an affinity for Star Trek and DC Comics, but do you really know him? In this edition of Collector Spotlight, we find out what drives @joe2334 and why he’ll always be a Toys R Us kid!

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Joe2334’s journey to Gemr starts off with a sad fact but quickly takes a sharp turn for the better. In 2017, Joe2334’s collection was stolen. Yowza! That hits us right in the feels! As part of the recovery process, he searched for an app to inventory what was left of his collection and stumbled upon Gemr. At first, he used the Gemr app solely as a place to inventory his sweet merch. However, it didn’t take Joe2334 long before he realized Gemr is a community for collectors and he started posting about various topics and chatting with fellow collectors.

Joe2334's display

Collecting is a journey that Joe2334 started as a wee lad. At age 10, he began collecting in earnest. He was the only kid that had ALL the parts to every toy that he ever owned. Now that’s a feat because we all know how many bits, bobs, parts, pieces, and accessories toys can come with! Joe2334’s first legit collection, besides toys, was comic books. He collected series such as Gold Key Scooby-Doo, Gold Key Star Trek, Josie & the Pussycats, Archie…..and more! Joe2334 remembers a few different toy stores growing up – goodbye local Sears and Kmart – but he’ll always be a Toys R Us kid! To commemorate the occasion, he even snapped a pic on the last day that his local Toys R Us store was open for business.

Joe2334 more displays

When it comes to completing an entire series, Joe2334 goes for it – if he can afford it – otherwise, he focuses on his favorite character within the series. You can browse Joe2334’s well-organized galleries and look for YOUR favorite characters. He’s got some of our nostalgia characters like Fred Flinstone, Yogi Bear, and Muttley!

Gif of Joe2334 Hannah Barbara items

Pack your moon boots, it’s time to party like it’s 1999 with Joe2334’s absolute favorite collectibles — three Space:1999 figures from Mattel. He enjoys the way the faces resemble the actors from short-lived television series. Not only are the Space:1999 figures current out of this world favorites, Joe2334 has fond childhood memories of pestering his mom for them for Christmas. He not only has the fab figures in his collection once more, but they are also in better condition than the first time.

Space: 1999 comics/books

Joe2334 organizes his extensive collection by theme in real life, and on Gemr! You can peruse galleries sorted into such categories as Star Trek, Hanna-Barbera, Spider-Man & Marvel, and more. On Gemr, you’ll also find an exciting gallery entitled This~N~That, and it is chock full of interesting items that defy classification. This collection contains everything from an empty quail shaped aftershave bottle to a Fisher-Price View-Master. If you’re looking for the odd and unusual, you’ve stumbled upon a fantastic treasure!

Quail cologne bottle and a view finder

When it comes to the age-old collector question of whether to unbox or keep items minty fresh, Joe2334 prefers to keep his collectibles in the original packaging! Speaking of original packaging, his Holy Grail is the Mattel Eagle-1 Spaceship in mint condition. Initially released in 1976, the vintage set is rarely, and we do mean rarely, available for purchase. Just to give you an idea of how rare a mint condition Eagle-1 Spaceship is, a COPY of the original instructions will set you back a pretty penny on auction sites. Our fingers are crossed for you Joe2334!

Space: 1999 ship, a holy grail item for Joe2334

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If you’ve got your eye on items in his collection, you might be in luck! Joe2334 will consider the possibility of selling a piece here and there. You are absolutely out of luck, however, if you think you can get your hands on his entire collection! He has spent too much time and money to sell the whole shebang at once! This humble collector doesn’t consider his collection of different fandoms unique, but we do! It’s one of a kind!

If Joe2334 didn’t have to sleep, he would spend his extra time traveling the world with his spouse looking for fun things to add to his collection. We can’t wait to see what he adds next to Gemr!

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