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Buy…bargain…barter… there are many ways to begin a collection, but this week’s Collector Spotlight BUILDS his collection – literally! Kardaj_b is a talented builder of all things Gunpla, and we’re here for it! With a few years of Gundam model building under his belt, Kardaj_b is here to offer excellent advice and even a motivational Bob Ross quote to inspire collectors and Gunpla builders alike…

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Kardaj_b discovered the Gemr community thanks to our partnerships with YouTube stars JobbytheHong and Mecha Gaikotsu. At Gemr, he can share the things he loves with other people who feel the same way, a.k.a. his Best Collector Friends. If you haven’t already – and you can thank us later – check out JobbytheHong and Mecha Gaikotusu on YouTube and Gemr! Mecha Gaikotsu shares reviews of bots and figures, and JobbytheHong hilariously reviews many different types of toys.

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Gundam blasted onto the scene in a 1979 anime series. Not just your ordinary giant robot fare, these are realistic mobile armored suits designed for humans to wear during battle. Gundam models – Gunpla – are fantastically incredible and hugely popular. Despite their popularity, Kardaj_b never thought he would collect model kits himself — until he was inspired by JobbytheHong and Mecha Gaikotsu. Now he enjoys building his own Gunpla and watching them come together (and adding personal touches to make them unique!).

Kardaj_b’s collection began with one model kit. One kit gave way to another kit, and before he knew it, he had graduated from 1/144 scale kits to 1/100 scale and even 1/160 scale kits! Now Kardaj_b has built about 30 kits — no small feat! He has an entire back room of kits just waiting to be built, but he’s a busy guy, juggling a job and a relationship – which brings us to our favorite random question to ask collectors….

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What would he do with his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep? Sure, Kardaj_b would buy and build more Gunpla…but it goes deeper than that. He loves painting, weathering, and giving his kits something extra – even if it’s the smallest of accents. Kardaj_b views mistakes not as errors, but rather as unique touches. Kardaj_b would like to extend a Bob Ross quote to fellow Gundpla builders: “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.” We think Kardaj_b joining Gemr is the happiest non-accident of them all!

Kardaj_b is also philosophical about his approach to collecting. For him, collecting is like music. When he likes something, he’ll add it to his collection, no matter where it is from, no matter what kind it is, and despite how others may judge it. He is satisfied with collecting what he likes and never feels the urge to complete a series.

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Bandai has released at least 2,000 different types of Gunpla models, so there is a plethora to choose a favorite from – almost too many! Our talented builder honestly had a difficult time selecting just one favorite from his collection. After a lot of soul searching, he decided on his custom 1/100 MG Zaku II. The large Master Grade kit was Kardaj_b’s first attempt at weathering, and it turned out fantastic! 

Kardaj_b Zaku II Ver. 2.0
1/100 MG MS-06J ZAKU II VER. 2.0

Finding a Gunpla kit is easy. Even building some models can be easy. Do you know what is hard? Organizing a collection of Gunpla! Kardaj_b likes to display each kit properly to showcase each one’s awesomeness. To better showcase his collection, he is in the process of moving his collection from a bookshelf with glass doors to an IKEA Detolf. Additional space is reserved for Collector’s Edition statues and figures.

A multitude! A plethora! A ton! In the world of Gunpla collecting, there are SO MANY options to choose a Holy Grail from. Kardaj_b had always hoped for a 1/60 Perfect Grade Exia -that is, until now. He recently purchased his Holy Grail kit and is totally hyped to get building. Despite selecting the Exia as a Holy Grail, everything Kardaj_b collects is important and special to him. In fact, he considers each item he acquires to be Holy Grail worthy.

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For now, Kardaj_b is not considering selling any of his hard-earned collection. Well, maybe just a few particular items …and even then, far in the future. He has put a lot of work and care into literally building his Gunpla collection, and just as much effort into acquiring his other collectibles. Take, for example, his Witcher 2 Collector’s Edition Statue – Kardaj_b went to great lengths to obtain it!

Kardaj_b enjoys sharing his collection and work-in-progress pics with his BCFs – Best Collector Friends – on Gemr, and we’re totally here for it! He would like to leave you with these words of encouragement: “Just be yourself and collect what you like. No matter what other people say about your hobby or your collection. You like it, and that’s everything that counts.”

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