This week, we’ve got a multi-hyphenate Kollector! He’s a word weaver, Kool nerd, author and demi-god orphan. He’s none other than KeebleInk! He’s got cool, eclectic taste in collectibles and posts them regularly to Gemr. With almost 1000 items in 18 collections, there’s a little bit of something for every interest, including comic books, Happy Meal toys, books, autographs and action figures. Are you curious to know more about this avid collector? Read on!

Once upon a time, when he was but a young Keeble, KeebleInk collected marbles and rocks. This casual collection grew as he did to include posters, models, Hot Wheels, comics, and books. As he matured, he began to take pride in the things he owned and started weeding out his collection only to include items that he truly enjoyed. Although, like us and many collectors who have edited their selections, he has regrets when it comes to his “get rid of” category.

What does such an ambitious collector look for when cultivating his stash? Firstly, he must truly love the items! A wise person once told him “Buy what you love and like, just in case you’re stuck with it,” and he has applied that sage advice to his collecting proclivities. KeebleInk doesn’t consider the resale value of his collectibles when it comes to amassing his fave items and he snaps up just his favorites.

KeebleInk is completionist — kind of. Collecting items in a series of more than 15 pieces can be quite a daunting task! As a collector, he’s excellent with “limited series, one-offs, and oddities.” He will, however, obsessively complete small collections — if he can afford it. He’s a massive fan of comic book miniseries and completing those, but he isn’t compelled to find all the missing pieces for absolutely every genre he collects.

For example, he has an EXTENSIVE record collection and a lot of Prince — may he rest in peace — music, but his “patience and lack of endurance” has precluded him from collecting the entire tome of music Prince has released. But given the opportunity to (and funds) he’d go back and snap up some rarities, but he’s not going to knock himself out. Recently, KeebleInk has completed a collection very near and dear to him — Faust by Quinn and Vigil. He may feel the urge to conclude another series, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Our BCF (Best Collect Friend) definitely has a favorite item in his collection. It’s clearly his vinyl collection because music is the soundtrack of our lives. On further thought, it’s his Batman stuff. Actually, it’s his Lobo series, She-Hulk, and X-men and Spawn figures. Well, maybe it’s actually any of the toys or books he has that are signed. Or possibly the rarities and custom stuff he’s collected. Nah, his faves are the diverse and inclusive things that were difficult to find when he was a kid. ACTUALLY, it’s all super important! His unique and vast collection is an extension of himself and has grown and traveled with him. There’s no choosing favorites because it’s all equally meaningful.

KeebleInk has tried on many occasions to organize his vast collection to no avail. BUT! With Gemr, everything is starting to come together. On Gemr, he organizes his collection by categories which he may eventually tighten up. He’s even created a miscellaneous category for items that can’t be categorized or would be singular in their category. After all, he can’t even think about selling his collection until he gets it organized, *wink* *wink*.

With a collection as vast and expansive as his, he only has a few items left on his collecting bucket list after acquiring a few highly coveted items just this year. In addition to completing the Faust series, he’s become the proud owner of a Rolex Submariner Date and a 2018 C7 StingrayZ51. Say what?! That’s a beauty of a collectible right there!

Hmmm, what’s left for our intrepid friend to collect? There is one thing! A Rolex Green Submariner Date Anniversary Edition watch! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you, KeebleInk! He considers himself “fortunate and blessed to have so much material, emotionally and spiritually things to enrich my life.”

KeebleInk would absolutely consider selling part of his collection if it meant he could afford that green Rolex! He has a dream to sell a large portion of his Kids Meal toys to pay off some bills, buy car parts and attain his Holy Grail, the green Rolex. If we did our math correctly, with over 1000 Kids Meal toys sold at $5 a piece, that would be more than enough! Eventually, he’d like Sotheby’s to evaluate his collection. Who knows? Maybe there’s something worth a small fortune he could pass on as an inheritance!

What would the collector who has everything do if he didn’t have to sleep? We’re glad you asked! He would spend more time curating on Gemr, finish the book he’s writing, and do a YouTube show for Gemr. Sounds like he must have had some sleepless nights because KeebleInk did put together a YouTube episode for us! You can check it out right here. We love all the energy and passion KeebleInk brings to Gemr, and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

Written by Gemr
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