This week’s Collector Spotlight feature is none other than the always interesting Kenneth-Davis! He not only collects Funko Pops and Marvel memorabilia, he posts truly unique and thoughtfully composed photographs of his collection. We mean, who else would match their Freddy Kruger Pop! with their Nike SB’s or pose the Silver Surfer with a pair of silver Air Force 1’s? Or juxtapose Taneleer Tivan with popcorn buckets, collaged with movie ticket stubs? We’re getting excited just thinking about it! Check out Kenneth-Davis’s collection today and give him a follow!

Kenneth-Davis has always been a collector of many things, but he didn’t become interested in Funko Pops until 2014 when a BCF (Best Collector Friend) introduced him to his own collection. And as they say, the rest is history! His first Funko was a Pop Rides: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 but it very clearly wasn’t his last! Kenneth-Davis looks for anything, common OR rare, to add to his unique collection. Do you know anyone else with Crystal Pepsi in their collection? Or who has a baby Groot wearing the tiniest green socks? In his spare time, this talented guy spends time with his daughter, goes to the movies, and OF COURSE thinks of more ideas for interesting photos. And wow, are we grateful for his Gemr-ific contributions!

Grow YOUR Funko Pop! Collection!

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I am ready for justice–and winning!

Should you unbox your Funko Pop! figures?

We know @Kenneth-Davis unboxes his Pops for his fantastic photos, but it’s a question every collector must asks themself! Here at Gemr, we’ve dedicated an entire blog post to the hotly debated question. Want to know what we think? You’ll have to read more here!

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