G’Day Mate! This week’s Collector Spotlight hails from the land down under! Kris_Anderson97 not only has a great sense of humor, an eye for photography and a storyteller’s mind, but he’s also one heck of a collector! With well over 600 items uploaded to Gemr alone, there is a ton to see on his feed. So whether you’re into great figure storytelling or just really well-photographed pieces, you’ll want to follow this collector!

In 2015, Kris_Anderson97 watched a YouTube video by AnthonysCustoms featuring a contest held in partnership with Gemr. AnthonysCustoms “knows the ins and outs of just about every variety of action figure” and we were super excited to partner with him! Kris_Anderson97 may not have won the AnthonysCustoms photo contest, but he’s won over our big orange heart with his talented photography. Don’t forget — be cool, be like Kris_Anderson97 and follow AnthonysCustoms on YouTube!

Even as a young lad, Kris_Anderson97 was a collector, but it wasn’t until around 2014-15 that he started collecting 6-inch figures. Hmmmm…he also discovered Gemr right around 2015 and fell down the collecting rabbit hole around the same time. Coincidence? We think not!

Kris_Anderson97 only collects items from series that he’s a fan of. For example, his Dragon Ball Z, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and My Little Pony Equestria Girls are all beautifully photographed and catalogued on Gemr. Want even more details about his 644 items? Each item is also carefully and lovingly tagged so you know EXACTLY what you’re looking at. Kris_Anderson97 doesn’t necessarily feel the need to complete a series — unless it’s the S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z line because he really digs Dragon Ball.

Our BCF (Best Collector Friend) clearly enjoys posing all his figures, but he also plays favorites! Kris_Anderson97 was just “Saiyan” to us that his very first ever S.H. Figuarts/6 inch figure was his prized Goku. It holds a special place in his Aussie heart. Another fave is obviously the S.H. Figuarts Body Kun. Body Kun features heavily in a ton of hilarious stories along with other figure friends. Mixing and matching figures from across all fandoms is just part of Kris_Anderson97’s storytelling brilliance!

X-Men series Deadpool figure? Check. Princess Zelda Nendoroid? Yep. Revoltech Ted figure? Yeet. Bruce Lee in his iconic yellow tracksuit? Of course. Not only do all of Kris_Anderson97’s figures play well together (well, as nice as Deadpool can play), but they all also live happily together in a big box. Kris_Anderson97 is limited for space so when his figs aren’t being featured in his latest masterpiece, they’re stored together. He does hang onto all their boxes though! They’re works of art in their own right!

With a collection as broad as his, Kris_Anderson97 doesn’t have just one Holy Grail item he’s on the lookout for — the next figure is always exciting! Hey Kris_Anderson97, would you ever consider selling your collection? “NO WAY.” Maybe in the future when he’s older he may consider selling, but for now, hands off!

Kris_Andeson97’s collection is totally unique, and not just because he collects many types of action figures! He’s hands-on with his collections and features them in short stories, fight scenes, and random picture shoots. To the best of his ability, he makes his ideas for his figs come to life.

According to our newest BCF, we wouldn’t believe how many times he gets brilliant ideas for his figures at 3 am. We guess we know what he would do if he didn’t have to sleep at night! With the extra time he got from not sleeping, he’d spend more time on YouTube and spread the love of figure photography to Instagram and sites like DeviantArt. We think he’s achieved some pretty amazing shots and has enriched the community here at Gemr. Thanks, Kris_Anderson97 for your passion and creativity!

Written by Gemr
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