Tucked into the darkest recesses of Gemr, you will find an eclectic collector drawn to horror collectibles…and anything else that just so happens to tickle his fancy. LeeAtkinson’s exquisite photographs of highly detailed collectibles ranging from the macabre to the unique will delight the senses. Read on and discover for yourselves what LeeAtkinson has deemed worthy to sit on his shelves – and why Michael Myers reminds him of his mother…

When LeeAtkinson was a wee pup in the early 80s, he began collecting the Kenner line of 3.75” Star Wars figures and vehicles. That was the first – and last – time he was interested in completing a collection. After all, it’s easy to want an entire line when your parents are footing the bill! After his first brush with collecting, LeeAtkinson dipped in and out of collecting with Hasbro Star Wars figures and other odds and sods.

One fateful night, LeeAtikson discovered Mcfarlane Toys Movie Maniacs figures. Thanks in large part to these iconic figures, horror-themed items make up a large part of LeeAtkinson’s collection. That’s not to say he hasn’t taken a “slash” at Star Wars memorabilia or a “stab” at collecting Chinese warriors. Or Vikings. OK, superheroes too…..and maybe a cartoon character here and there…

Completing a series of collectibles? Hard pass. Plain and simple, LeeAtkinson is just not that interested in every character 👏 in 👏 every 👏 series. He’s also not here for purchasing collectibles just because everyone else is buying them. What he will take a stab at, though, is a character he finds interesting and items he finds …unusual. A self-described “shallow” collector (although we think he’s anything but), he covets statues and figures with intricate sculpting, insane tailoring, and exceptional craftsmanship. Which brings us to….

Some of LeeAtkinson’s prized possessions are COOMODEL sixth scale Viking figures. These bad-ass Vikings are a prime example of traits he looks for when adding pieces to his collection. At first glance, Vikings may seem out of left-field for a Horror and movie character collector, but check out those details! Leather clothing and accessories! Metal armour and weapons! Rooted beards! Fur! Chainmail tunics crafted by hand! These raiding Norsemen figs have indeed earned a spot on LeeAtkinson’s shelf.

Fondly, Michael Myers reminds LeeAtkinson of his mother. When he was a wee pup and too young to watch horror movies, his mother would talk him through the entire film and skim over the gory parts. His mother’s storytelling skills were so strong that when LeeAtkinson was finally old enough to watch Halloween on Betamax – yep, Betamax – he knew exactly which film he was watching without knowing the title. 

Halloween is LeeAtkinson’s favorite movie, so it’s only fitting that his best-loved collectible is “Michael. This is no mass-market produced specimen! This Michael is one of just 31 figure sets crafted by our friend, 1:6 sculptor Montwain Gonzales, aka OnesCustomsFigures. In LeeAtkinson’s opinion, this interpretation of Michael is the best full figure representation of the character so far.

Like many cherished collectibles, LeeAtkinson’s Michael comes with a story…”Unfortunately, mine was battered by a third party who also deals in customs — UK border control — en route! BIG props to Montwain, Dave and Tinela whose kind offers of replacements and repairs have put Michael on the road to recovery.”

Peruse LeeAtkinson’s collection for any length of time, and you will quickly come across an assortment of wonders. Tucked in alongside Horror items is a teeny Yellow Jacket from the “Format Figure” line by King Arts. Another unexpected yet resplendent find is a 2016 SDCC Exclusive Aquaman and Cthulhu Q-fiq MAX figure. As one who collects across multiple fandoms, LeeAtkinson has come up with a clever solution for keeping his collection organized. Read on.

As much as humanly possible, LeeAtkinson organizes his display cabinets by theme — unless it’s his main cabinet. Here, on its hallowed shelves, he plays favorites. The main cabinet is a mixture of favorites — according to his mood. As LeeAtkison’s preferences change, he switches up the display case. It may not make sense to the casual observer, but Crash Bandicoot sharing a shelf with Rocky Balboa and Boba Fett is a natural mix for Lee.

It’s clear by the displays on his shelves that LeeAtkinson is an out of the box collector. Our BCF – Best Collector Friend – implores you to set your figures free! He’s also a sucker for good box art, so he never ever throws boxes away. It’s becoming…an issue.

There are two particular collectibles on LeeAtkinson’s radar. We won’t call them Holy Grails, though, because it may trick him into spending way more for an item than it might be worth. He would like to add a Weta Workshop District 9 1:6 scale Christopher Johnson and son statue to his collection. Only 600 sculptures were produced and go for well over USD 1000 at auction.

LeeAtkinson is also on the hunt for a 1:6 scale Monkey King 2.0 from Inflames Toys. Sure, it may be almost exactly the same as the 1.0 figure (except for the rooted hair), but a collector’s heart wants what it wants. This figure rarely ever comes up for sale, but when it does…well, empty your pockets! LeeAtkinson’s conscience may not let him pay five times retail for anything, but we’re pretty sure they will grace his display shelves one day.

LeeAtkinson has very, erm, “solid” advice when it comes to amassing your own unique collection: “Don’t follow the flock, you’ll only step in doo-doo :-).” He has spent many moons cherry-picking items from across genres from multiple manufacturers to create a very unique collection that reflects his personal taste. Hand on heart, LeeAtkinson confides that no one else’s collection appeals to him as much as his own does. We love the enjoyment he receives from his collection, and we agree, it is fantastic!

In an alternate universe, if LeeAtkinson didn’t have to sleep, he would use his extra hours to enjoy life. In our world, he would probably just get called into work. For our viewing pleasure, we hope LeeAtkinson stumbles upon his two coveted items soon, and at a really great price. Take a “stab” at that follow button and fill your feed with an incredibly well-photographed collection!

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