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Michael Myers and the Halloween franchise were birthed by John Carpenter, resurrected by Rob Zombie, and now, celebrated in Luis141’s meticulously cataloged collection. Fingers crossed the phone lines don’t get cut as we explore a collection inspired by a horror pop culture icon…… *muffled heavy breathing*

Unsurprisingly, Gemr and Luis141 have a lot in common. Like, a lot. There’s the obvious: a deep love of all things Horror, cataloging collectibles, and connecting with BCFs – Best Collector Friends. Gemr and Luis141 are also big, no, HUGE fans of 1:6 sculptor and owner of Ones Customs Figures, Montwain Gonzales. In April of 2019, Gemr was fortunate enough to partner with Montwain, who creates one of a kind, high-end reinterpretations of some of Horror’s most beloved icons, in a special episode of our docuseries, Collection Complete.

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Our man Michael Myers is totally into All Hallows’ Eve. Know who else is a big fan of October 31? Luis141. His collecting journey began with amassing life-sized Halloween merchandise to decorate his yard. Every year for four or five years, he would decorate his yard — until he had to move, and then things took a different direction…

No longer able to decorate outside his home anymore, Luis141 searched for a different outlet for his passion for Halloween. He created a horror cave in one of the spare rooms inside his house! Call Doctor Loomis, because Luis141 has declared that the madness has started!

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Unsettling, creepy, pure evil — are we describing Michael Myers or Luis141’s collection?! Filled with rare pieces, replicas, and unique finds, the shelves in Luis141’s collection include everything from an art print to detailed masks and spectacular figures. Grab a flashlight and look closely.  You may spy a custom ⅙ scale CeeCreations figure or a 15-inch custom Burnt Chucky,  but you won’t set eyes on a complete series just for the sake of completionism — because Luis141 takes a stab at collecting all the horror icons. 

Out of all the coveted customs and unique pieces in his collection, Luis141 easily selected a favorite. It’s the embodiment of pure evil. Mythical. Supernatural. It’s a custom Myers House pumpkin. Not only is it the pride and joy of Luis141’s collection, but as a one of a kind piece you’ll only find it on his shelf – not even in Haddonfield, Illinois.

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Luis141 is so organized, it’s almost supernatural. All Chucky memorabilia is in one spot, Jason Voorhees figs are all snuggled together in a designated nook, and a mix of Leatherface merch reigns supreme on their own shelf. Each slasher and horror icon gets their own real estate. Luis141’s collectibles are released from their packaging and free to go bump in the night.

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Is Luis141’s collection making your hair stand on end? Is it also making your wallet itch? His collection might be for sale… His collection contains unique personal touches he’s made to personalize his pieces and differentiate them from other collectors’. So go on, make an offer – he could always use the funds because upgrading items doesn’t come cheap!

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If Luis141 didn’t have to sleep, he would spend his extra waking hours searching for his Holy Grail. He would love to get his hands on a complete Ones Customs piece. Ideally, he would like to own either a full ⅙ scale Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees figure. When, not if, he gets his mythical Holy Grail, he’ll post it right here on Gemr. Until then, he will continue to collect pieces from all the many different custom artists he loves. While Luis141 hunts for his Grail, grab a flashlight and take a “slash” at the follow button.

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