As a special treat, we’ve got an insane twofer for this week’s Collector Spotlight! Husband and wife duo MadEyeGamgee and QueenNellie1 have teamed up to bring unique and truly inspiring Middle Earth/Tolkien collectibles and Narnia artifacts to the Gemr Community! QueenNellie constructed the Professor’s house from gingerbread for a Narnia party and MadEyeGamgee is the proud owner of many beautiful Sam Gamgee statues. We haven’t even scratched the surface of all the cool stuff this pair has collected! You’ll have to check out both MadEyeGamgee and QueenNellie1 to see for yourself. We promise you’ll be delighted and amazed!

MadEyeGamgee and QueenNellie have collected walking canes, leprechauns, alligators(?!), eggs, and globes for many years. MadEye has been an avid Tolkien fan and collector ever since reading The Hobbit in second grade. It started innocently with books until the fandom flames were further fanned with the Bakshi and Rankin-Bass films. HOWEVER, it was the 2001 release of the Peter Jackson films that really kicked his collecting into high gear! Need a little something to make you believe in romance again? MadEyeGamgee and QueenNellie still write notes to each other in Tengwar runes. Can we get a collective “Awwww”?

Qualifying for a coveted place in the MadEyeGamgee/QueenNellie’s collection is no easy task. The duo is running so short on display space, they’re talking about building a hobbit hole as a museum of sorts. With this fun couple, we can’t tell if they’re joking (and we hope they aren’t)! The pair has narrowed their Tolkien focus to anything connected to Sam and Rose, environment models, and truly iconic pieces like the Weta Grond scale model. Their Narnia collections include stellar handcrafted collectibles like a highly detailed “Wardrobe” door made from foam core, an intricate recreation of King Miraz’s castle in gingerbread, and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe costumes for the entire family. With their hyper-focus, they don’t go deep into other areas like actions figures or Funkos.

You may have gathered that not only is their collection ah-ma-zing, it’s also chock full of unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that very few–if any–people have been able to get their hands on. To further up their game, the MadEyeGamgee and QueenNellie1 team even go as far as commissioning pieces! For example, they have a buckskin map of Middle-earth created by CaveGeekArt. Sure it’s 3-D burned. Sure it’s hand-tanned leather. BUT what really got us is the fact that it’s painted with primitive pigments and the liquid from deer eyeballs. Say what?! The artist only made 5 of these maps, one of which is owned by Richard Taylor at Weta, and another by Stephen Colbert. That’s the level of uniqueness this collecting duo finds exciting!

Sleep is for the weak! MadEyeGamgee and QueenNellie1 would only be picking up a few more hours a day if they didn’t sleep. With the few hours they gained, they’d probably read more.


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