We’ve got a real superhero of a collector from Detroit, Michigan for this week’s Collector Spotlight! You’ve undoubtedly seen this avid collector posting his sweet 1,200 (and counting!) collectibles to many different clubs. We’re happy he found us through a wrestling podcast so he can share all of his awesome hidden gems with his BCFs (Best Collector Friends)! Drum roll, please… now let’s give Martez a big hello and a follow. And trust us, you’ll want to follow him!

Martez first began collecting comic books in 1978. Now he has Revenge of Captain America, X Factor: The Evolutionary War, and several sweet copies of the Fantastic Four! You can check out all of Mr. Martez’s wittily titled “comix” collections to get an eye full of editions like Legionnaires, The Micronauts, X Factor, The West Coast Avengers and so, so much more. He is also a HUGE sports fan. HUGE. He never throws away a ticket stub! Seriously, he has a collection of ticket stubs over 30 years old to go along with all his Detroit sports team paraphernalia!

Our newest BCF prefers to collect items hardly anyone else has or that are difficult to come by. Martez has a collector’s eye and often finds hidden gems others may have overlooked. For example, Martez’s 63 item collection entitled Other Stuff shows off his delight in collecting all things miscellaneous and wonderful. We’re thankful he does, because we absolutely delight in browsing Martez’s bountiful and unique collections!

What would Mr. Martez do if he didn’t have to sleep? Well, his phone and YouTube have already been hindering his ability to get to bed at a decent time! Martez has a stack of over 15 books he’d like to get around to reading if he had more hours in the day. Psst…we’d like to know what those books are, Martez, so we can add them to our reading lists — and maybe we’re just a little curious to see if your reading tastes are as varied as your collections!

Written by Gemr
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