We hope you like your taters smooshed, ‘cause this week we’re spotlighting MashedPotatoJohnson! He’s a colossal mech head, but other than that, he’s just your ordinary collector…or is he? To find out more about this passionate collector and his obsession with mech and figures, you’ll have to keep reading!

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Well, it goes a little something like this….you see, MashedPotatoJohnson has basically always been obsessed with Transformers. He started collecting Beast Wars and eventually worked his way through each new series as they came out. Then when he had some dollar bills burning a hole in his pocket, he went back and sprung for G1, aka, Generation One toys that were produced by Hasbro from 1984-1992. MashedPotatoJohnson, bringing it back old school!

Once Gundam arrived stateside, he became immediately hooked. Gundam mecha got MashedPotatoJohnson hook, line, and sinker! He went for pretty much every MSIA figure (that stands for Mobile Suit In Action for the uninitiated). To put it mildly, he became obsessed with the concept of mecha and purchased every figure he could get his hands on!

Fortunately for his bottom line, he doesn’t feel the need to complete a set. He’s at ease with just going for select designs and figures. He does have a caveat though! The figure must hit him in the feels due to exposure to the source material, and it must be stunning. Check out his very full gallery of the sweet, sweet pieces he’s collected that he doesn’t have enough of to sort into individual categories. You’ll find some hidden gems!

Pick a favorite, we implored him! We twisted his arm, and MashedPotatoJohnson finally selected one figure. Robot Damashii Altron Gundam wins the coveted title because it was his favorite Gundam suit when he was but a young tater. The figure itself is solidly built with just the right amount of detail — especially after coloring the panel lines.

Fine, we let him choose another favorite! Twist OUR arm! MashedPotatoJohnson wants to give a shout out to Iron Factory War Giant combiner set. Wait! He has even more favorites?! Keep ‘em coming, Tater! Honorable mentions also go out to FansToys Quietus, even though it’s new, and MakeToys Striker Noir, S.H. Figuarts Awakening Goku — whew, and one more — S.H. Figuarts Broly LSSJ. MashedPotatoJohnson is impatiently waiting for the new movie version and we hope for his sake it happens soon!

Lately, our BCF (Best Collector Friend — or should that be BTF, Best Tater Friend?) has been trying to sort his epic and colorful collection by series. He’s not too picky though. As long as his collection fits on the shelf, he’s happy. He’s an easy-natured collector, this one! As you’ll notice in the below photos, he’s an out of the box collector. Def always out of the box! He’s hands-on with his figs and enjoys taking pictures and recreating poses from the source material. Maybe we’re a little biased, but we think he really throws down some sick pics!

Take his money! No, take it! He’ll throw his wallet at you if he’s presented with a Metal Build Altron Gundam TV version. May MashedPotatoJohnson be graced with his Holy Grail soon! We don’t know how long he can hold out for one to come into his possession. Maybe together we can manifest one for him!

While he’s throwing his wallet at his Holy Grail figure, he’ll gladly help you empty your own wallet! MashedPotatoJohnson has willingly sold pieces of his collection before. But don’t get it twisted. He’s not looking to sell anything in particular at the moment.

Clearly, MashedPotatoJohnson has a unique collection. After all, it is a physical manifestation of his interests through the years. A time capsule in figures, if you will. A veritable journal of mecha, perhaps. His collection is a form of expression that he doesn’t otherwise have an outlet for in his daily life. Thankfully for us, he shares his self-expression one brilliantly posed photo at a time on Gemr.

If MashedPotatoJohnson didn’t have to sleep, he’d study the cosmos. This mecha and Transformers fan is also hugely interested in astronomy. He even wants to go back to school to pursue a degree in the field. Set your sights high, Tater! To the stars and beyond!

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