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Hey, boo! This Halloween season, Trick or Treat yourself to our latest Collector Spotlight – if you dare. MilfredVoorhees is a Las Vegas-based collector, and as you may have guessed, collects anything and everything Horror adjacent. In this edition of Collector Spotlight, you will discover the inventive way MilfredVoorhees displays his spooktacular collection and what initially sparked his horrific obsession – we bet you’re dying to know.

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Care to take a stab at guessing MilfredVoorhees’s namesakes? Silence, please, as we pay homage to three of the greatest horror icons of all time – Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhes. Brilliantly, MilfredVoorhees’s Gemr name pays tribute to three of slasher cinema’s significant franchises. We salute you, sir!

Against his parents’ wishes, a young and impressionable MilfredVoorhees was forever traumatized – and we mean that in the best way possible – after watching Halloween H20. As the young lad grew up, his appetite for horror only grew. MilfredVoorhee’s consumption of horror films has increased, but the original Halloween (1978) will always be near and dear to his beating heart. The simplicity of Halloween – a knife, a killer, and a babysitter attracts him to the original flick. Really, what else does one need for a screamingly good time???

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MilfredVoorhees first slashed into collecting after he attended the Halloween-based convention, H40: 40 Years of Terror in 2018 with his ghoulfriend, errr fiancé. We guess you could say he “Strode” straight from the convention into collecting. MilfredVoorhees initially went batty for patches and stickers. Now, his plan is to one day put the patches on a denim jacket – but first, he must learn to sew.

Our BCF – Best Collector Fiend – is nostalgic to his core. His “Gallery” collection on Gemr showcases classic Horror icons like A Nightmare on Elm Street vehicle, Halloween Michael Myers lights, and the infamous Chevy truck from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Out of all the dread-inducing collectibles MilfredVoorhees has amassed since 2018, he does have a clear favorite….

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MilfredVoorhees’s ultimate favorite item is a ⅙ scale Boo Face Michael Myers expertly crafted by CeeCreations and OnesCustomsFigures. MilfredVoorhees had long coveted the figure and was dying to get his hands on one. When the Boo Face concept figure appeared on an auction site, he was compelled to buy it. So great is this figure that MilfredVoorhees isn’t even seeking a Holy Grail.

How does one organize a monster of a collection? Very carefully, it turns out. MilfredVoorhees orders his collection by theme and brand. Peer closely as those shelves. Stranger Things, Halloween, Funko Pops, Living Dead Dolls, and NECA figures all have their own designated shelves. It also doesn’t hurt that he displays them in a sick coffin-shaped bookshelf. MilfredVoorhees may have initially kept all his collectibles boxed, but he slowly caved to temptation. He now enjoys posing his figures and experiencing them out of their original packaging.

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Think you can put a price on MilfredVoorhees’s collection? Witch, please. His collection is not for sale. Unless maybe he runs out of room….or his fiancé threatens to give him the boot. His collection is totally unique and features a variety of everything. Records, DVDs, figures, horror-themed clothing, and so much more, it will make you scream. Long story short, if it’s Horror, he wants it.

We asked MilfredVoorhees, hypothetically, what he would do with his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep. Perhaps unshockingly, he would spend his extra frightful hours catching up on Horror movies and hunting for even more collectibles with his fiancé. We hope he treats the Gemr community to his latest spooktacular acquisitions. Find out what else is hidden in the depths of MilfredVoorhees’s collection by taking a stab at that follow button.

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